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Mythical Creatures Stickers

By ShyCustis
I made some (sorta) mythological-themed stickers : D

I'm hoping to print up quite a few of them. We're gonna stick 'em on errything * u *
Stickers can be bought here
Coey helped me with colours when I got stuck x___x #BestHusband 
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Wow, they're amazing ! *o* I especially love the colours ! Wonderful !
adritho's avatar
Your stickers look very nice!
curiousmoth's avatar
ahh, these are really cool. hope they get to australia quickly~~~!
MsRosek's avatar
Oh my glob. These are amazing! Dying from cute overload ( 8 ///// 8 )!! <3
phat-kat-creative's avatar
these should be buttons too!!!!!!
Malodbrii's avatar
I used to love making Darumas when I was little <33 I really should dig my old ones out
StereoLime's avatar
Gotta have these. I just gotta.
BearTrack's avatar
I always wondered what those things were about in Okami :)
evikted's avatar
so gorgeous! Bottom right is my faaaaaaaaaaave
deletingthis's avatar
Agh I love the hot teal accents. What a crazy beautiful color, eh?
Ah I'll always love your organic lines. U//u//U
These are really good for setting and accomplishing goals, ahaha. Fill in the eyes as you get your stuff done!
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Gottschalk's avatar
they are gorgeous. pin worthy.
masaothedog's avatar
I love these! Definitely going to have to order some!
silenced-echo's avatar
So lovely so cute !!!!
EatToast's avatar
Darumas everywhere!
sambees's avatar
ShyCustis's avatar
KatyShaga's avatar
OMG OMG this is so amazing! <3
powerbuzz's avatar
Nice! I love the blue one with the little fangs the best. Do the ones with extra eyes give you extra wishes?
ShyCustis's avatar
The tiger I saw for like "paired" wishes. Like a wish that friends/couples do together. And with the ones with 3 eyes I was thinking for stronger wishes? IM NOT SURE YET lol
cesca-specs's avatar
WAAYYYY cool. God I love those colors.
OkiRose's avatar
GAWDDD These are cute!!! I'll have to grab some from you this AZ! <3
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