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[YCH: CLOSED] Will You Be My Valentine?

By Shyannth
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I can't even remember if I've ever done a valentines themed piece before and I wanted to do something for it this year!
I still have some commissions lined up but since this is a holiday thing I'll be knocking it out quickly to make it in time <3

$55 or best offer
Claimed by: Ikalye

:check: Will be lined, clean-colored with detailed shading
:check: Anatomy will be adjusted to fit your character, so don't worry if you think the current structure doesn't suit them!
:check: Canine or canine-like species; feel free to ask if you're not sure if your character fits the criteria!
:check: Accessories and hair included 
 :check: You can pick the kind of flowers! isn't limited to one kind, I can mix it up for some variety >:^)
:check: I can make some edits to flower placement/etc if you want! 
:check: Comes with a simple or abstract background
:check: Full resolution is about 1200 x 1500
 :check: Finished by v-day


- Please don't fight :C
- Cash through paypal [USD]
- I can hold until saturday if necessary!
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I would like to claim, I can pay tomorrow owo

If you can do them……
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They're so pretty, I can do them for sure! I only have a few questions to sort out some details;
- Which character do you want in the front & back?
- What kind & color foliage would you like? I can do flowers, leaves, other plants, etc!
- What expressions would you like? (or I can keep it the same if you like how it is!)

Other than that, please note me your paypal e-mail so I can send an invoice for tomorrow! Thank you so much :heart:
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Front would be Ashtar and back Dvalinn
I would love blue roses please and I would like the expressions to stay the same owo
I'll note you my paypal shortly !