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Lady Haleth



Finally I dared make a human female belonging to Tolkien's legendarium. Lady Haleth, who is in the entire canon the only woman to be both the leader of her people and unmarried, which makes her kind of a rarity even among strong female characters. There is no love story for her.

Lady Haleth was the leader of the Haladin of Brethil after her brother's death and until his infant son could lead in his stead. The small stong woman guided her people across the lands of Beleriand to the woods of Brethil, and this folk became the third house of the Edain. On a lighter note, she imfressed Caranthir son of Fëanor enough with her courage and that of her people, to help them in their direst hour.

If I have a little bit of spare time I might submit the progress of this picture as a WIP.
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I always imagine her a red head. Maybe because I think of her like Boudicca the celtic queen.