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I finally decided to stop having everything on different accounts and that means that there won't be any new art here anymore. My stock account is already deactivated and some of the deviations from here will be moved to GinkgoWerkstatt as well.

This account won't be deactivated, because you could never know when you need it again, but if you want to see new art or stay in touch it might be better to watch the other account - in case you don't watch it yet :aww:

Well, that was all!
See you on the other side - maybe :D :rose:

P.S. and don't get confused if i rewatch you then, okies? But i want to keep you on my watchlist <3

P.S.² Yay for journals without CSS :B

Merry christmas and such things

Sun Dec 19, 2010, 8:44 AM
We interrupt the "i'm not writing journals anymore time" for a short moment:

Seems like it is that time of the year again. I don't really need it and can't wait until it is over, because all that fake happiness which just causes even more anger and frustrations annoys and depresses me a lot... Maybe christmas will make more sense again, once i have children on my own - in case that will ever happen.

BUT i still wish all of you, who celebrate christmas and those that have other festivities going on, a great time with lots of love, nice gifts and tasty food!
I also hope that you will have a great start for the new year as well and that, if 2010 wasn't a good one, 2011 will be a much better year for you.

Enjoy your families and friends!

Yes i am a bit early, but given the fact that the next two weeks will be rather busy, it can't be wrong to do this earlier, instead of forgetting it. Especially as i don't talk to/see all of you often at all and am more active with my other account.

Help a mermaid!

Fri Oct 22, 2010, 7:51 AM
Below you can see a nice little artwork that was made by a friend, if you click on it and read through the description you will know what you have to do.
If you like the artwork and think it deserves some more attention, please vote for Shawn. If not for him, do it for me! :hug:

I posted this on my other account already, but i guess it's worth sharing here as well. In case you have read it already, ignore it :aww:

Why? I know that everyone has their bad days. Things don't work out the way we planned, some people annoy us, we don't get the attention we want and other things, that make us angry or upset us, happen. But why do people enjoy to spread negativity?
I face negativity every day. I won't go into details, because it is personal stuff i don't want to share, but what i know is, that if i would just concentrate on that, i would hate this world. And i would miss all the things that are great.
It's easy to focus on bad things and difficult to focus on the good ones, yet they are easy to find.
Have you ever really enjoyed the fresh air after a storm? Have you searched for shooting stars, wishing your dream will come true? Have you ever had a pet that went totally crazy just because you went home and took a moment to cuddle with it? Have you ever had a random person or friends telling you things, that made you smile? No? Maybe you should open your eyes and start to rethink your life.

If you just look for negative things to happen, they will. They will rule your life and they will make you bitter. Don't trust me? Well, go ahead and you will see. I have my evidence. One day you will realize that you spent half your life on things, you could have easily ignored. And it's nothing new that happy people are "healthier". The body will be affected by your mind.
Once you start with the negativity it will spread. First it will be you alone, then the persons directly around you will get affected, then persons that know those and so on. And so on. It's the same with happiness. But happiness is much better.
Don't like something? Rant ahead, make your day worse (your blood pressure and the organs affected by mental stress will be thankful)... or just ignore it. Think about it for a while, maybe leave a respectful(!!!) hint that you don't like it and move on. It's easy. Very easy!

I don't say everyone should be happy everyday. No one can be and without bad times you can't appreciate the good ones. But random anger, frustrations and random hate is wrong. Years ago i made my decisions. Certain events made me accept things the way they are - no matter if i agree or not. They exist and just because i don't agree, they won't destroy my life.
Especially not, if it just a color... or maybe a rainbow to support a cause.

And with that being said i think i will stop posting journals here. There is not much i have to share and personal ramblings don't seem to fit here anymore anyway. So i'll just upload some art every now and then. And maybe leave comments on your journals/artworks if there is anything i have to say, but usually it isn't that much.

There will be random updates on Facebook, so if you think you need to know things about me, "watch" me over there. But don't except anything mind-blowing ;)

I like...

Thu Aug 26, 2010, 12:46 PM

... those moments when you realize once more that no matter what you will do, that you can't please certain persons and that everything will be wrong somehow. Sure case of total failing.
It's strange that on the one hand people you'll never meet face to face "praise" you, while those that are part of your daily life seem to care less...

Yes i am in emo-mood, no i don't want any cheering up. But writing this totally useless journal is better than destroying anything or thinking about this shit too much.
Life is fun, right?

I want vacations... going someone with no people that could annoy you. Some lonely place where you can stop thinking about fucked up human relationships...

And to give this stuff a bit more sense, let's look at some nice art. That's better anyway.



Journal Entry: Fri Aug 13, 2010, 10:58 AM

edit: My mother hasn't really checked if it was our cat, she just thought so... Calu was lying in the sun in the garden and was not that dead cat.

Honestly it wouldn't have been too much to check it before telling me that he is dead. But i'm glad that he is still alive.

So even if he had luck last year, Calus time was really up this year. We haven't seen him since days and as he usually comes for food, we guess that he's gone now(even though we haven't found him yet). His death is no surprise and if it wouldn't have had happened this way, i had to call the vet during the next time anyway.
He surely made use of all of his cat lifes: Calu lost one eye rather early, got hit by a car, was covered by scars and also became blind. The photo is a bit older, when he still looked rather healthy.

With his death all of the pets i cared most for are gone now. His daughters are still with us, but i don't feel much for them. I love them, but it's different...
Calu now joined Tara and Honk...

:heart: Calu :heart:
August 2001 - August 2010
R.I.P III by Shyada


I'm done for 2009... honestly. Just when you think it can't be any worse someone decided to play god! I hate humans that think they can kill animals just because they drive a f*cking car.
Who ever that human was, i really hope i'll never get to know his/her name...
He/she would have been able to stop the car at that place during the night/early morning. There is never that much traffic to take care of the cars behind instead of the animals in front...

Our whole yard is full of strays... but it had to be Honk.
Her mother was killed by a car as well, a short time after her birth. Since that day we took care of her and she was amazing.
Now she is gone, just like Tara, exactly 5 months later. I honestly hate life... :depressed:

:heart: Honk :heart:
May 2001 - 21.08.2009
R.I.P II by Shyada

:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook

Summer ends soon

Thu Jul 22, 2010, 4:37 AM

Making a journal every two or three month here is a good average, isn't it? At least if you compare if to my regular spam over at my other account.
So time for a little update here again. For the tldr; people, go look at the feature at the bottom and leave a hug... or cake!

Some already know that i will sign my new contract next week. After being at home for two month to enjoy summer it is time to get back to bother people daily with my existence now.
I will go back to the place where i have been working before, so i already know all the people there and it not that new at all. But there will be a massive change this time though. Before i was just one out of a few that did the paperwork there and took care of the people, when i get back this time i will be something like the second boss.
So yeah... will be pretty much exciting during the first time and i have no idea if they are really sure of what they are doing over there by giving me that position :lol:
I just hope i can do the trust they put in me some justice and will be able to deal with it all the way i should.

The two months at home i wanted to work on my todo list, even tho i wasn't able to get everything done (yet), i finished/did a lot of things and that feels good.
I also managed somehow to feel more comfortable with myself again. Starting with using no make-up and not dyeing my hair for a while. Felt weird first and the reaction of my mother wasn't really helpful either ("Anne, are you look ill" - "I just don't wear make-up" - "Oh!"), but once i got over it, it surely was a good decision.
Meanwhile my hair is all black again etc, but it feels less like i try to hide. Plus i will be back at my old weight soon and as 2009 was the reason for it, it adds to feel much better about it and in general.
And headaches really have been reduced by 90%, which is just awesome!

Submission wise i have become a bit more active on this account again, although it is still rather difficult to keep up with all journals and artworks in my message center. My main focus is still the other account for obvious reasons and even tho (just like yesterday) not everything is fun, i enjoy working together with people i wouldn't have met otherwise.

And in case you are into costumery and artisan crafts in general you should definitely check MyntKats latest news article and add her to your devwatch.
She and her group ArtisanCraft always feature a lot of great artworks that shouldn't be missed. And her latest news articles makes me want to buy fancy dresses i wouldn't wear anyway :la:

For those that don't watch my other account and are interested in stock, i have uploaded a bunch of more stock packages last week. It's all castle stuff from last year, so if you are interested go to fluffysox-stox

Welcome in the new age by Magic-Fox i am who i am by vampiretrash I am the star by Eltasia
Pink Crystal Necklace 2 by Aranwen lor Arda by LuthienThye wedding by Tartofraises
Temeraire and gang VS kraken by sandara Ice Base remake by CrackBag :thumb166484434:

Summer free time

Journal Entry: Sat May 29, 2010, 7:06 AM

Time for another update here!

Summer free time

Monday would have been my last day at work, but as i have that day off, my official last day at work was yesterday and that means that i am unemployed again. It's weird to leave the people behind you got along with so well, but it was a great time there and i left them with good memories.
On thursday we all went out for bowling and it was kind of a "good bye" party, because i am only the first one who will go. The two years with those people and the responsibilities i had helped me to grow stronger and to be much more confident with everything i do. It's a nice feeling to be respected by a lot of people that are twice as old as you.

So with that coming to and end, i can now sleep and stay up longer again - not sure if i really will do that, because i got used to get up early and you get so much more stuff done, than if you would spent half of the day sleeping :giggle:
I have made some plans to get unfinished art done and i really hope to get back to painting. Several tries before failed, but lately i am more inspired again.
A rough "to do" list would be:
- improve knitting and sewing
- make a new ID for my GinkgoWerkstatt account (painted)
- so some more pencil drawings
- get my GinkgoGrafix logo done (i'm like half a year late)
- work on the house/garden (fixing things and stuff like that)
- try to learn a bit more how to handle my camera
- enjoying the summer/spring

And while mentioning the camera. I am going to upload some photos during the next days/time. They might nothing you like or that you feel is very good, BUT maybe i will get some feedback to be able to improve. I am still hoping to be able to afford a macro lens one day, but sadly that won't happen in the near future.

Eu devMEET

In August - for deviantARTs 10th birthday - there will be a european devMEET in Berlin. If you haven't heard about it yet or are curious about it you should go over to europeans. There you will be informed about news for that devMEET and also can see a list of people who are interested in joining.
I want to go there, but atm the costs for that weekend scare me. I know that some of my watchers are from Berlin, if you know any nice place to stay - and that isn't very expensive - close to Tiergarten or the central train station it would be awesome if you could tell me about it!

And if anyone of you is interested in going to that meet as well or definitely knows that he/she is going to attend, tell me who you are! :la:


Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook

Some kind of life sign

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 6, 2010, 4:04 AM

Well ok, i have never been really away, but i thought it can't be wrong to update this after a while again for the people that watch me only at this account or those that want some kind of personal update as well :rose:


I was hoping that 2010 will be a better year for me, but i am not sure if that will be really the case.
It didn't start that bad, but things slowly pointed toward "bleh". One of the reasons is that i will definitely be without a job soon. There might be a chance of 1% that i get it back at a later time this year, but i have my doubts. That on the other hand means that i might have to move to find a new one... or stay unemployed. Both are things i don't like that much, but we will see how it goes.

The only really good thing so far is, that finally something helps to prevent headaches and migraines. That's a great feeling. It has some side effect that i don't like, but you can't get it all at once right? And maybe those things will vanish soon as well. At least that affects me less than the evil pain.

Soon it will be also one year since Tara died. It still affects me more than it should and it changed a lot of things for me. Nothing people can see, but more from the inside. Of how i value things. What seems to be important, what not and so on. For the masses i haven't changed, but for myself i became even more picky of what i want to be part of my life and what not.
It also made me care less for a lot of things, which is kinda strange. Sometimes i really felt like a zombie. Just doing what people expect me to do, to avoid any stupid questions. You know the "Yes everything is awesome" answers, when people want to know how you feel.

Let's see how it will go on.


Most of you already know that i have recently become a gallery moderator for deviantART with my other account. Even tho a lot of people wanted me to do that for a long time, i never really saw it happen for me. I always had my doubts.
The first time was quite exciting, because there was much stuff to learn. But on the other hand so many people i already knew joined the team as well, so that i was less scared of it all after a while :B
Yes the first days it scared me more, than it made my happy!

Now i am pretty much used to it all - still there are new things to learn, but it is a great experience and i don't regret it so far!
That is also the reason, why i can't keep up with all messages at this account. I try my best to go through the backup this weekend and will also try to reply to friends stuff quicker. If i missed something important during the last time, please link me to it! :heart:

The feedback i got on my latest manips was really nice and something that i didn't expect. It's great to hear that people like my art again and it motivated me to make more art. I have already planned two new manips. Not sure when they will be done though, or if i ever will finish them.
I also started to learn new different things like nail art, knitting, sewing(slowly) and so on. Seems like this year is for new things - artistic wise.
Hopefully i will also be able to buy a new wacom and a macro lens before i get unemployment and then there will be even more new things to learn.

Yeah i guess that's all for now! Fairy - Blow kiss by GinkgoWerkstatt :tighthug:


Unique Sterling bridal mask by ElnaraNiall Murphy and his big ol' feet by mintconspiracy Leaf Cuff by DianaVincent
Lesezeichen Zippammer by Runenwinter french mani waves by Tartofraises Feathered eye by WitchiArt
:thumb143575973: my pet turtle by dinmoney :thumb140908014:  
peaceful life. by lichtfaengerin pearls by Megson White III by GreenEyedHarpy

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook

Happy Holidays and so on

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 24, 2009, 2:23 AM

Wish all of you some awesome days with your families and that you will be able to relax a bit during the holiday season.

Don't eat to much, light some candles, unwrap some nice gifts and stay as awesome as you are!
A special thanks to znow-white,zachriel and wroth. You are great and i'm really happy that i know you! :heart:

Of course the rest of you is awesome as well, so everyone feel hugged now! :blowkiss: :hug:

:rudolph: :holly:

And now can we fast-forward the time to the 4th January please? I stopped caring for New Years eve and christmas seems to be wrong for me nowadays as well. But well maybe just one more time!

:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook

.:A visit + more silence

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2009, 1:16 PM

Soon igy will visit me and i'm looking forward to it. He and a friend of him will just stay for one and a half day in total, but i'm happy to see him again.
We met back in 2007 on a bigger german devmeet and he is a great guy! And he lives in Austria which is somehow the other end of the world from my place here!

Besides i decided that i might totally stop with writing journals on this account. Maybe i'll throw in a feature and list important things every now and then, but the main focus is GinkgoWerkstatt for now.
And well, there is not that much i want to share here. Personal stuff is personal and just something for private dAmn or MSN conversations.
REcently had one scary dream two times already. Actually there were no monsters, no blood, no one died... nothing like that. And there are just a few things that really scare me. But just thinking of that dream really makes me feel weird and i have no idea why. And i can't stop thinking of that shit :p

Was some day offline because i had some router/connection problems i expected to happen earlier. Now i have a new router which annoyed me a lot as the beginning as well, but after cursing enough T-online gave up and allowed my router to connect - HA! :unimpressed:
Used that time to get used to the old sewing machine(it's not electric!), well i need some more time for it. But i want to learn sewing and how to make my own earrings and stuff now. Any useful tips etc are welcome!

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:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.:Everything and nothing

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2009, 7:20 AM

Temporary not available

Or something like that. Some may have noticed that i'm not very much active atm. I'm just too much annoyed by nearly everything lately, have to deal with headaches/migraines nearly every day again and i'm kind of busy all day long.
Plus there are a lot of other things that bother me atm, so i'll rather keep quiet and just do whatever needs to be done. Have a strong "leave everything behind and start again" feeling at the moment...

Additionally it can happen that my internet connection won't work for a few days during the next time. Had to get a new contract(the old one was cancelled by T-Online), so no idea if they will be able to make the changes without problems.
I don't think that anyone would miss me, because of the things said above, but well. Just to let you know.

It's also the last day of the english guy here. He was here for 6 weeks. That isn't a really long time, but it already felt like he is part of everything. I guess it will be strange once he is gone - for several other reasons as well.
My mother thought of giving him one of the keys for our house, so that he can come back whenever he wants to. And i'm certain that he will visit us soon again.

Well and i saw that there is a massive increase of visitors for this account. No idea why that happens, as i nearly do nothing here anymore. Just leaving some comments every now and then. And strangely enough it are often accounts that just recently joined dA or that are totally empty :o

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:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.:Caek + english guy

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2009, 11:09 AM


I made a new cake today! Was expecting guests, which cancelled their visit later - so i had it all for myself. Ok, i shared it with my family. I had no idea how it will taste, but it was very delicious and i think i'll try to make it with other fruits as well. Got some other new recipes as well and will try those cakes anytime later.

.:Caek by Shyada

Do you have any fav cakes or any nice recipes you wanna share? :eyes:
One of me fav cakes is cheesecake - eh i really love that cake! :heart:

English guy

Well he is living with us already for quite a while and it's an interesting experience. He enjoys it, being here(at least it looks like that) which is very good as well - and as my brother isn't at home atm it feels like he is my brother now :D
My parents are trying to learn some english words too and i'm going to try to improve my english every now and then. But we are talking in german mainly, because he wants to learn it. Good thing is we could easily switch languages if someone starts to struggle :lol:

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:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.: Busy + moff

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2009, 1:17 PM


Some of you might have noticed that i haven't been around dAmn or MSN much lately, mainly because i'm really busy and tired these days - too much is going on atm - but also because i don't feel like talking a lot. Managed to clear my both message centers today, was expecially lazy with looking at deviations and i might go on with that during the next time. So if you want me to look at something poush me in the right direction.

So the short cuts:
I've won a car for a weekend, although i'm not that happy about it; love and enjoy my own (new) car, so there was no need for that. But hey it's my brothers birthday soon... so maybe he'll get it.

The wedding was nice and i felt like a (fat) real life css fairy - just the wings missed. In case you don't know what a CSS fairy is, look at this:…

The kittens are doing great and instead of keeping one, i'll keep two. They will be called Uschi and Hammy :lol: The other female stray seems to be pregnant too, gets really annoying and we can't keep more...

Bought myself a laptop meanwhile too. It's a nice toy and i can work with it while relaxing in the garden, even have a good WLAN connection there... it just crashes way too much - damn Vista. But will be removed and adjusted as soon as i have enough time for it.

I think that was it for now. Seems like i'm more active on my other account these days, but will limit that soon, as i really want to start drawing again!

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Dear Darkness II - bw by wroth Fairy Swordsman by redpeggy .. ATLANTIDA ... by onixa
:thumb122309779: Exile by djahal
clap remake 1b by nillemotes :makegreen: by nillemotes

:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.:Berlin + Fancy photos(long journal!!)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2009, 12:38 PM

Deviation notes

lol sorry - i was too excited. Of course you just can see that with the script, so you still have to be a bit patient :innocent:


electricnet told me about some fancy script yesterday and i have been able to try it out just a few minutes ago. It's awesome. It's just great!
With his help you can enhance your deviations on dA with notes - once it is released for puplic of course. I've been some kind of beta tester and already suggested a few things. But this will be handy for a lot of differnt things.

No idea what i am talking about?
.:Berlin devMeet 2009 II by Shyada <- look at this in fullview and hover over it :eyes: (just for FF though!)

List will be updated as soon as i figure out more people :aww:

devMeet report

So for all that requested reports here or over at GinkgoWerkstatt because they couldn’t make it to the meet, here we go:

My day started at 6.30AM – those from the south even had to get up earlier! After checking messages one last time, get some food and checking if I didn’t forget anything, I went to the train station about one hour later and the journey began.

Going by train is always nice, because there is absolutely nothing you have to take care for. You just sit down, relax and wait. Ok the waiting part can be a bit annoying sometimes if you travel alone, but to get some distraction you have weird persons in the train.
I sat down on one of those “4 seat places” to have some more freedom for the legs. The first half of the journey was nice, the second wasn’t.
The couple that sat down next to me was strange… and I really mean it. They behaved like total geeks (doing some random statistics about people in the train), always in a way that they got to know each other shortly before but laughing at every stupid thing they said. Before they left the train I realized that they have been father and daughter. Honestly… if I would behave they same way with my family member there must be something really really wrong :ohmygod:

Anyways, the train arrived in time in Berlin and when I got upstairs Anne(aka pica-ae) was already waiting for me. Tbh I think I would have missed her, if she wouldn’t have called for me!
After that it was time to find LineBirgitte and Lars(her boyfriend), the only problem was that none of us both Annes knew how she looked like and the main station is huge. While running around a bit, my mobile phone started to ring. My first though? F*ck I have to speak English :slow:
It was difficult to talk on the phone with all the noise around you in a language you are not used to, but somehow we managed to find each other at the big international M. Mac Donalds!

At that time we had like 2h left until the meet would start, so like planned before we searched for a nice place to have lunch. Maybe we should have stayed in the train station, because there you can get plenty of food, while it wasn’t that easy to spot a place that isn’t overpriced and close to the Brandenburger Gate. After walking around a while and looking and governmental building we found a place and sat down outside – maybe a bad idea if you keep in mind that Berlin was really cold that day.
We talked about a lot of random stuff and names and it was nice to see that we got along very well. Ok there had been some problems with words and translations sometimes, but I guess me managed it all very well :lol:
The food we had was nothing special and not really warm. It was typical german (somehow) but there had been better places and better food before.

Well around 1.20pm(or something like that) we left that restaurant and headed back to the Brandenburger Gate. When we arrived it was kind of strange. There had been so many people and you needed to figure out who the hell belongs to dA and who doesn’t. After like 10minutes we saw some person that looked familiar and are called spyed and Heidi. I also saw MidnightExigent but I have no idea who the other few persons were. I guess one had to be hexentanz, but tbh I didn’t even saw any other female beside Heidi. Maybe she was hiding. So we said hello to Angelo and I guess Heidi too(no matter how hard I try I can’t remember that part. No idea why. But I’m sure we shaked hand with Heidi too… maybe)
Soon after that it seems like deviants came from all side. Maybe they had been waiting around too and recognized the group after we went there. No idea. So more and more deviants came to the Brandenburger Gate and none looked familiar. In fact it was really interesting to see, that nearly everyone was dressed dark and was young… Yes I felt old that day :|
Anyway. Random photos were taken and random conversations stated while everyone got their name tag and Angelo + Heidi saying “Hi” to everyone. While waiting there Gomotes came along as well and hey he was not complete dark, but yellow!
During all this waiting there was another moment, when someone came close, asked if this was the devmeet. Later I realized it was memod! Suddenly someone poked me on the shoulder asking if I was Anne. I moved around and saw sachii! That was really a big surprise as I haven’t seen her for like 2years and we have met several times before already. So after a really fangirlish scream moment ( I hope not too many people saw us :slow:) we talked about a lot of stuff and later pluschkind joined us too. Another girl I knew already before.

Some more time went by and then it was time for the big photo shooting. I never would have thought that it would be that easy to get such a big group posing for a photo. But maybe Angelo has some magic skills. Because usually it is a pain to get all people standing still at once. It was also weird to sit there in front of the Brandenburger Gate as you felt like some tourist attraction. All people were curious what was going on and a lot of people were taking photos of us too :lol:
At that time I realized that another staff member was travelling with Heidi and Angelo. At least i think it is a staff member. I don't know his dA name, but his name tag said Travis. He was taking the photos of the group.
Right after that it was time to go to the Tiergarten. After some short introduction by Angelo the first group got the chance to get to know more about the feature. While the rest sat down together to share their art, to draw and to do whatever they wanted to do. I didn’t get involved too much in this, because… well I’m not a person who likes small talk conversations that much and usually I don’t talk a lot to people I don’t knew before. Walked around with sachii, took some photos and preferred to watch the others.
When Angelo finished his first presentation sachii, Gomotes, pluschkind, me and some others went over, to get to know more about the new features too. And I’m really looking forward to the new group stuff. Seems to be a great idea and with lots of extra features which can be upgraded too. And the best is, that the release will be soon!
The new(?) portfolios will be a nice add as well. Even if I have my own portfolio already I might use that too. And the search engine, well as Angelo quoted a member of his team it will be great but normal users won’t spot too many differences of that what is lying behind :giggle:
But the new additions he talked about seem to make a search much better. So you can get really excited about all this new things.

I also have to admit that it was really pleasant to listen to Angelo and it was easy to follow his explanations. The way he talked about the new features reminded me of a little child that talked about the new presents it got at Christmas. That was kind of cute!
And Angelo seemed to be a nice and funny guy. Haven’t talked to him or Heidi at all, but it was fun watching them interacting with their groupies!
After Angelo finished his second presentation it started to drip/rain. That’s why and because it was already “late” pica-ae, LineBirgitte, Lars and I decideded to drink something somewhere we had to get our trains again. To avoid searching for too long we went to the main station, where you have lots of places to get food and drinks. I got my ticket home and after sitting in a Bavarian like restaurant for like an hour I had to leave the other three to get my train.
And being back home my day ended with a very beautiful sunset!
So it was really a nice day. Too cold, too windy but very interesting – ok and maybe a bit expensive for just one day.
I would have loved to spent some more time at the meet, but big meets seem to be not my thing, because you don’t get to know persons very well. Even with nametags you don’t get to know the names of other people, because either you can’t read it or you don’t want to stare at those tags :lol:
Joining smaller meets for several times already, I can say that I enjoy them more. It would have been nice to have a chance to talk with Angelo about the whole CSS issues, but well. Too many people, too many questions, too less time. Maybe it would have been different if I would have stayed in Berlin, so that you had a bigger chance to stay with them for a bit longer. But well, you can’t have it all :aww:

So for those of you that still have the chance to go to such a meet… do it!
It was also good to know that LineBirgitte and Lars have been able to understand my English, because it felt really weird sometimes. I hope it was not too worse.

Those are the people that I knew already before(either by their name only or because we talked to each other or met before) and that have been to that meet:

:iconlinebirgitte: :iconpica-ae: :iconsachii: :iconpluschkind: :icongomotes: :iconmemod: :iconr4tti: :iconmidnightexigent: :iconspyed: :iconheidi: :iconlilyas: :iconhexentanz:
(there might be some more, but i didn't read their names, so no idea who was there and who wasn't)

And whoever read all of this, here is a cookie for you :cookie: :lol:

:heart: Tara :heart:
15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook

Berlin anyone?(pt 2)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2009, 4:51 AM

Berlin hq-Meet

First of all sorry to those, that have to read my stuff twice, but with two accounts and people not watching both, it's not easy to adress all of them. And as i know that this account is watched by some more german people, i just have to mention it here too.

Is anyone of you going to the devMeet on saturday(6th June) in Berlin? If yes, who are you? I will go there (99%) and hope to get to know some new people, but also meet some old friends.
So if you are going, let me know about it :eager:

dA Corner

Even if you think you have nothing to do with Strokes(or Arthritis) i would highly recommend to read that May Awareness article listed below. Why? Because it can happen anytime, even if you are think that you are healthy and feel ok. Within seconds your whole life will change... and believe me: if you see a person of your family lying on the ground, being paralyzed, while every second that passes could mean that that person could die if the doctor on call won't arrive quickly enough, is no fun. And there is nothing you can do.

My father is severely disabled since 8years now and it won't get better anymore. So do yourself a favor, read it and do whatever you can to avoid to deal with strokes any time. No matter if it is for you or the people around you!

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Winter's End by artcova :cerise: by synconi Frosted Leaves - Earrings by Kiwiken
Artist Union Web Design by thaulow CSS Babes Stamp by pica-ae :thumb98349640:
Bronzeback Titan by andreauderzo Dragon's deep by Parthgalen Catalogue of Flesh by ScottPurdy

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15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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Blubberbla + Trivia feature

Journal Entry: Mon May 25, 2009, 11:17 AM

Like always nothing really important to talk about, i'm just updating this, because i promised to do a feature for the winner of the trivia event of :#earthproject: - check the news article in the dA corner and the feature below :aww:

Last week i had some days off, spent a lot of time outside and visited the BUGA 2009(+ the castle again) and the Ozeanum. Maybe i was expecting too much, but well i was a bit disappointed. Still had a nice time with my mum(first day) and my brother(second day)... and the nice blisters i got. Was too much walking for two days! Have been taken photos as well, but nothing special to show - only if you want to see castle pics again.

On friday i was able to sign my new contract, even for better conditions, so i won't be jobless and all the chaos of the last days is gone. Finally, was really a pain(!!) - still i hate the ideas of the mayor that i have to take care of :p

And i might keep one of the little kittens. We already have four, but well... two are more or less "strays" and i just need something to take care of that lives and loves me. And Honk and Calu won't get any younger either.
Most annoying fact of today is, that my black iris is not black - bah! But i found a nice website where they have like hundreds of iris'. Quite expensive, but maybe one day some of them are mine... :nod:

dA Corner

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1st Place
fudgyvmp (19 points)
The Cutest of them All by fudgyvmp Heart by fudgyvmp :thumb122634481:
2nd Place
Ferny654 (19 points)
3rd Place
journalskins (18 points)
is a new club in the making based around Journal Skins, CSS and Journal Designs.
They will not only accept submissions and provide you with resources and information, official critiques can also be requested from their opening. Yes! That means exposure as simple as sending a note and quality critique by simply asking for it!

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15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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Castle and kittens

Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2009, 1:04 AM

In case you don't want to hear any ranting there is not much i can say. I just figured out, that every four years bad things happen to me or my family. Back in 2001 my dad had several health issues and is now physically disabled; 2005 our other puppy died, i had severe headache issues and a 50/50 chance of having cancer, 2009 Tara died and i might lose my job soon + the treatments for my dad might get canceled.
It's awesome... let's see what the rest of the year will offer :love:
Because of that, the fact that i miss Tara more than before and other things i'm really not in a good mood, so bear with me if i'm grumpy or anything else.

At the end of May there might be a guy from England that will stay here for 6 weeks (before he already lived at my aunts place). It was my mothers idea. I have no idea how it should work, but well.
He wants to become a teacher for german, so he can speak our language rather well, but on the other hand i might get the chance to practise speaking english. Nothing final yet, but we will see.

Castle and kittens

Anyway, i've updated the castle pic… in my scraps from the trip last wednesday. Wanted to write down some more things about it, but i'm too lazy and i'm not really sure if you are really interested. So if you want take a look at the pic and if you want to talk about the trip poke me on MSN or dAmn.

Since yesterday we have three little kitten. The mother is a stray and a grumpy lady (have some nice scratches directly above my eye now). That's why the chances of cuddling with the little ones are rare, but today while feeding the cats i was able to get them.
Tiny little furry animals are way too cute and for those of you who want to see them:

The rest ignore this please!

dA Corner

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Rendezvous by girltripped Emerald Dragon Golden Amulet 1 by Aranwen :thumb121748386:
Slave of Bolas by SteveArgyle Fantasy08 by Jimmy9494

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15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.: Short trips + Pumi

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 29, 2009, 11:54 AM

Personal Corner

Not much interesting to tell atm. Just talked to my boss today and maybe i'll have my job for another year... maybe. We will see. Atm it's a bit annoying there, but it's still a nice job.
The scratches of my car will be fixed soon too. Gladly the insurance of my working place will pay for it. At least they said so.

I also got some free days certified in May and will use them to hopefully and finally meet lumipallo!! :heart:
I'm sure it will be awesome and we might will visit the Ozeaneum… , which is just half an hour away from me.
One of the other days i will use to visit the BUGA 2009 . Yes i love flowers and i'm excited to see the castle that i wanted to see for some time already. Actually i get the chance to see it already next week. We will have a short trip from work to join an event of the Landtag (i'm not really looking forward to talking to politician, but yeah...) which will take place IN the castle!! Of course i take my camera with me. Maybe i will be able to make some nice photos.

And i just figured out, that it has been too long since i painted digitally. Need to get used to it, so i'm not really satisfied with the new painting i started.

dA Corner

Can't wait for the new journal CSS features they are planning. Could become a really nice thing.

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Green positive with vials by Anti-Pati-ya :thumb109784619: Magic Light by NunoPires
Quick landscape by djahal Massive emote squish by Droneguard Kerem Beyit Fan Art - Rainbow by ertacaltinoz
Coffee + Art - Mug Design by kuschelirmel Free Round Thumbs by LineBirgitte

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15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.: No idea for a title

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 15, 2009, 3:54 AM

Personal Corner

Thanks again to all who left lovely comments, send their birthday wished directly or wrote short messages. Very appreciated. :blowkiss:
Still i have to admit that it was disapointing that some people i know for years and call friends didn't remember that date. But maybe it is just me, because i always write down a date of birth of date as soon as i get to know it, to make sure that i won't forget. Left kind of a strange feeling (additionally to the things that happened in march).

The easter/birthday weekend was nice, but a bit stressful + i have a cold since a week now, which leads to minor problems when breathing. And my voice changed - i hate that lol!
Personally i think it's already too warm. Had a lot of headaches and migraines again, but well... nothing really new to me. And being outside makes me feel dizzy because of the "heath" - can't wait for summer *cough*

Oh and for those that are interested, i started a sketch for a new digital painting. No idea if i ever will finish it. Lately the days could need some additional hours. Too much to do... commissions, the preparation for the lessons, my daytime job, the garden, several things to repair/fix at the house etc...
Trying to sort that and maybe - as i still have some free days left - i will plan some holidays. I'm not that type of person who likes to travel alone, but could be a nice experience tough. But still not sure about this. Any suggestions(german wise)?

And for Mr. Schmidt who just figured out, that i'm about to write a new journal entry: don't be so curious and see you tomorrow! Keep in mind tomorrow is thursday and that means i will bother you more! lol nana remake by nillemotes

dA Corner

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Dark Angel Pendant -Hematite by Aranwen Custom Heart Key for CD by sojourncuriosities Dark Angel Ring Purple by Aranwen
Snuggle Up by znow-white BuFFdaY CaKe by znow-white Vord by daRoz
:thumb119147483: :thumb112720586: one step closer by Th0xx

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15.12.2007 - 21.03.2009

R.I.P. by Shyada

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.: The days after + feat. Chat

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 25, 2009, 3:52 AM

Personal Corner

I'm updating this, because i still want to keep the last journal on my profile page for a while.

Opposite to the last time, when i lost a puppy i'm doing quite ok. It was not as shocking as some years ago and it was the best for Tara. Even at work everyone was concerned and sad, as i was visiting them with Tara some time ago. It was difficult to answer all the questions face to face, but i'm kinda feeling better now. One of my collagues even put his flag at home at half-mast :aww:

Atm it's kinda weird for me, because it feels like Tara was just an illusion/dream. I removed all her stuff, to make it easier for me, but of course there is still that big empty dog pound in the middle of our yard. My cousin - she is not really an animal lover - asked me if i never want to have a dog again. She knows how much i love animals/my pets. She thinks that i just have to get one soon again. For now i don't even want to think about it... even tho i know that she just wants to see me happy again, it will take years until i would even consider getting a new one. Or would anyone start making babies, when they just lost a child?
It's like i lost my shadow at home, because Tara followed me everywhere - so that is the thing i need to get used to the most. Nothing i did or planned was without her or her in mind.

Still have to answer some messages, but want to thank you all once more. Your support and your nice comments mean a lot :heart:
And a special thanks to znow-white, wroth  and Th0xx.

And also thanks to zachriel/nillemotes who made a sad fairy just for me: :depressed: Shyada edition by nillemotes :cuddle:

Taras Corner

To some of you i talked yesteday already, for the rest: Tara isn't doing very well atm. Most of the time she is just lying around. Moving and feeding her hurts her all the time. She is whining and crying, she doesn't smell good and so on...
Atm it seems like i'm collecting medicine and injections and what not for her. Yesterday i went to the vet to get more stuff for her stomache, today i'll have to go with her to the vet because they want to check her blood and so on.

Yes this is exhausting, but i'm still hoping and praying that is it all worth it. And she still gets happy when she sees me in the morning, which is quite a good sign. She is a brave girl and willing to fight again :heart:

dA Corner

I'm not back in my pink-fluffy-glitter-whatever mood yet, but as this was planned already a while ago, i didn't want to cancel the featured chat. So for those of you who are interested. This weekend will be the featured chat with bluem00n and me. Mainly it should be about CSS-related stuff, but of course you can also ask other questions. But i won't answer stuff like "how old are you", "will you marry me" and so on :aww: For details check the link below!

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Feature Corner

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