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I finally decided to stop having everything on different accounts and that means that there won't be any new art here anymore. My stock account is already deactivated and some of the deviations from here will be moved to GinkgoWerkstatt ( as well. This account won't be deactivated, because you could never know when you need it again, but if you want to see new art or stay in touch it might be better to watch the other account - in case you don't watch it yet :aww: Well, that was all! See you on the other side - maybe :D :rose: P.S. and don't get confused if i rewatch you then, okies? But i want to keep you on my watchlist <3 P.S.²
Merry christmas and such things
We interrupt the "i'm not writing journals anymore time" for a short moment: Seems like it is that time of the year again. I don't really need it and can't wait until it is over, because all that fake happiness which just causes even more anger and frustrations annoys and depresses me a lot... Maybe christmas will make more sense again, once i have children on my own - in case that will ever happen. BUT i still wish all of you, who celebrate christmas and those that have other festivities going on, a great time with lots of love, nice gifts and tasty food! I also hope that you will have a great start for the new year as well and that, if 2
Help a mermaid!
Mermaid Below you can see a nice little artwork that was made by a friend, if you click on it and read through the description you will know what you have to do. If you like the artwork and think it deserves some more attention, please vote for Shawn. If not for him, do it for me! :hug: :thumb183247262: :thumb183440286: Negativity I posted this on my other account already, but i guess it's worth sharing here as well. In case you have read it already, ignore it :aww: Why? I know that everyone has their bad days. Things don't work out the way we planned, some people annoy us, we don't get the attention we want and other things, that mak


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Just rewatched you with this account, like i already mentioned weeks ago - i am just a little slow.
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Koolio, got you on my watch :)