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Boop the snoot


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You Went Far


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Fallout Sniper Rifle

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Hetalia and SATW

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TFC Heavy vs. RED Medic - A different approach

So recently I have had a very long and interesting discussion with a good friend about the TF2 characters. Please let me share my thoughts with you. A lot of fans, including myself, have thought and joked about that C!Medic left the Classic Mercs because of how horrible C!Heavy treats Medics and how he considers them useless. But then my friend brought up a very interesting point I had never thought of before. Let me put this quote here: “(…) One more thought on the “Why TFC Heavy hates Medic so much”. I browsed through the TFC wiki to find some good reference for the Heavy and took a look on the Medic as well. As inf


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sketchdump 35


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Consulting Detective


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Boop the snoot

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Moustache Cat

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Hope of the Lemongrabs

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Zed Time, Fun Time!

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Steam Powered Giraffe's The Vice Quadrant

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EWCOMIC No. 194 - Glasses


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me as Mangus


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Bill Nye

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Mario's 30th anniversary

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Daily Painting 882. Patrick


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Commission: Brothers

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Don't Starve Comic - Blood Eagles (Page 31)

Don't Starve

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Steven Universe: Age of Lapis

Steven Universe

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Bioshock Infinite

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L4D2-Don't drink the water

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Payday Wolf


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Jousting Tournament


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metal, noise, blood and fire

Brutal Legend

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Fallout 4 - What Not to do in the Commonwealth


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