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Rainy Night

By Shwonky
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Big thanks for the Daily Deviation on this one! On my birthday, no less, really made my day!

Alt. titles include "wet dog", "who dug up the garden", "evening poop", "what do you mean the doghouse isn't good enough for you", "its past curfew"

Awesome commission I got to do for the ever so lovely  Noxyfer
I feel very at home with her characters and each chance I have had to work with her has been special to me. Thank you, hope you like it yet again! ♥
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Oh man that is awesome! I at first thought he didn't notice the animal.

ardashir's avatar

A pastor friend of mine just showed everyone this lovely work of art over on FB. He's the sort of fellow who'd let a werewolf in out of the rain, too.

Shwonky's avatar

Awww! Now that's wholesome

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Congratulations on being featured :)

twoloon121212's avatar
Basically Batman but hes a werewolf.
OGYungLilBig's avatar

The confrontation...coming up next on CHEATERS.

*old man screams and backflips into a dragon kick with a newspaper, werewolf screams*

tbrosz's avatar

Ain't much that smells worse than a wet werewolf.

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Shwonky's avatar

lol he would lock batman out

OGYungLilBig's avatar

Batman aint no Furry. See all that blue? Batman stay Crippin

Razzyman64's avatar

and do something worst...........................

like F***** batgirl!

Artistfood's avatar

oh my gods i love it

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There is also "YAY Evening service". And, of course, "Thicc". :)

MikuiManokit's avatar
"no, you can't come inside!"
Kenny1941's avatar

Thicc good doggo

bloodbathewhitewolf's avatar

My question would be "did you find something to eat?" and hope the answer is "yes" otherwise I might be getting inside and closing the door.

WtWendigo's avatar

tbh at first i thought it was a horse XD

Shwonky's avatar

I’ll say, that would be one weird ass horse

Tinselfire's avatar

A horsewolf rather than werewolf?

WtWendigo's avatar

Yeah XD i realized it was a werewolf when i finally looked at it close up

SoggyToast101's avatar

What kind of dog is this

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