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Dr. Whooves Page 35

Hey you know what could fix this?  A Pinkie Pie Plan!  That should be a thing.  

Don't you love cliff hangers?

Rights reserved to HASBRO (Or whoever owns them now)
and BBC

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Hey Serious Question, are these pages too big?

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RMZERO's avatar
That's work!?
Aprion's avatar
its a crazy plan, but a plan none the less.
MercenaryX's avatar
And it's crazy enough to just might work.
lulumengwayne's avatar
when it update?
Summer-Lime's avatar
korean123's avatar
My heart beating now~ By wondering about next story~~ 
-painter dalek
Man-Child's avatar
Wow...I don't know how long ago you started this, but I just started reading yesterday and can't stop!  This is **AMAZING**!  Can't wait for the next installment!
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
I just made the next page, I hope you like it.

Thank you so much for enjoying ^^ sorry these take so long.
Man-Child's avatar
Thank you so much!
AlienSteel23's avatar
I can't wait for the next page! :D
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
BackstabberRCG's avatar
Amazing job on the comic  so far, keep it up.
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
Thank you I will.
LTblackcoat's avatar
I forgot how much I enjoyed watching this, only getting better.
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
I true compliment coming from you.
LTblackcoat's avatar
You Honor me sir, Thank you.

Carry on the stellar work to.
PixelBlujay's avatar
EPIC PLAN BRO!! plz make more
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
We're almost half way done.
4ScarfAce4's avatar
Rock/Big Rock.

Best rocks.
HyperBlossom001's avatar
Good comic keep on going
Mikkillerib's avatar
Looks like a rather effective plan. And its good to see that the comic isn't dead.
Gendermorph's avatar
You don't know how long i've waited for this (Actually, you probably can, but i just wanted to say that).
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