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Dr. Whooves Page 34

In a situation that went from bad to worse, Pinkie might have some help on that Master Rescue Plan of hers.

- I can only apologize for how long it took me to get this out.

Finally figured out the links.  Positing them momentarily.

All rights and respect go to BBC and Hasbro.

Vectors/ Backgrounds used:

Pinkie Pie:


Big Mac

Granny Smith



Vinyl Scratch

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TheLatinGamer8888's avatar
Can't just daleks remove their cutie marks? With the help of Starlight?
TheKoboldNecromancer's avatar
All this made me realize: Daleks are the greatest haters in the universe.  Haters gonna hate, Pinkie's gonna Pinkie.  ;)
Timelord909's avatar
please continue the awesome
cda95's avatar
request page 35 please
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
working on it this week
korean123's avatar
vekarvonkostu's avatar
When are you going to make more?
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
vekarvonkostu's avatar
Awesome, can't wait!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
ifen7669's avatar
We are all waiting. Though, waiting patiently is another matter.
Pankrazius's avatar
I know, that there are long gaps between updates...
And I try to stay patient. But would you mind to just give a live-sign of yours Shwiggity.
(The anticipation kills me)
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
My EKG says I'm okay.

Whats killing my time now is building a computer and setting up a media youtube group.  Im currently making a movie from a convention I went too and this weekend I'm doing numerous numbers photo shoots.  

the next page will be my next project to work on.  Sorry about the wait.

Pankrazius's avatar
Its Ok. I just wanted to know if everything is alright ;)
Persona22's avatar
Wait, if Discord is reformed but Twilight is not an Alicorn yet, this means that this comic takes place after Discord's reformation episode, but before Season 3's finale.
At the end of the episode of Discord being reformed by Fluttershy, we see that Celestia tells Twilight that she will leave the Elements of Harmony with her in Ponyville just in case... that means that, at this moment, the Elements of Harmony are inside that display case in Twilight's library! ... problem is that the only pony that IS NOT close to, or in, Ponyville is Twilight herslef. Bummer.
fluttershylover20's avatar
I love this one because it is funny to see trixie, octavia, and vinyl come out of nowhere. are there any more pages because I can't find page 35?Fluttershy Blink Icon Clapping Pony Icon - Rainbow Dash 
mh3umaster's avatar
there not out yet
fluttershylover20's avatar
Wait whats not out yet? R u the one who made the Dr. Whooves comics?Little Cat  free avatar cat Seizure Cat 
mh3umaster's avatar
no i just read ShwiggityShwah's comments and posts.takes his time i say
fluttershylover20's avatar
Oh sorry didn't know. Still Dr. Whooves is a great comic.Es increible! Derpy Clapping Icon 
mh3umaster's avatar
lol it's ok and yes it is
fluttershylover20's avatar
I know. I just can't find a page in the 30s. I think that's where I left off.
korean123's avatar
Can you tell me your work is now what percent? (sorry about dog english -_-)
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
Percent as in?

Amount of vectored versus actual work put into adjusting those vectors.

I say atleast 70% of the pages need some kind of adjustment.
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