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Love Heart Clop/Clap I wonder how the others are doing.
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i swear most of the comic and fanfiction writers should just quit school and take off in a book or even movie writer career
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When did you appear more?
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Request  page 34
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when is the next one
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Can Spike eat Dalek armor?
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Please update! It's been months! I need to
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My body is ready....for more comic pages o.o
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coming son as in when?
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I just realized... since this comic happens after Discord is reformed, but before Twilight becomes an Alicorn, that means that the episode where Cerberus got out of Tartarus, letting Tirek escape, already happened.

Does that mean that there is a weakened Tirek going around Equestria while the Daleks are doing Dalek things?
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I don't think Ill throw Tirek into this one.
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think outside the box but wheres the box= my fave line
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I really love this comics of your. Did you watch TMNT 2012? Can you make a comic about the Turtles came to Equestria and of course, the Kraang! I wonder what the Ponies will do to against the Kraang.

Because they have the very advance technology and the monstrous creatures from Dimension X like Traag, Granitor, Kraathatrogon and Rocktopus with them. The Turtles will be there only hope.
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Alright...months later. Dah fuzz? Could you at least give us a date for it to be done? or have you like given up on this? I wanna know if Luna makes it! and if Celestia is truly dead.
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Don’t worry.

As ShwiggityShwah has written in his journal, there are some real-life-problems to solve, like new job, new house, moving etc.
Maybe, there is a big hiatus. But don't lose hope.

But you’re right. A word here from Shwiggity may help.
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Okay this is stupid for how long it is taking
do not know if i alreayd commented on this but.............. daleks er crap. there is no logical way they could have anything with a resemblance to an advantage here.
you know how crap they are? gravity is their worst enemy. knock them over or off a ledge and they are done for.
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nooooooooooo!!!! THE DALEK!!!Dalek Emoticon Random Animated Emoticon 
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D'awww! :{
I haven't been to this place for a few months now... And there's STILL no next page yet?!

No worries, I'll gladly wait. No need to push yourself and then ending up making something sub-par/crappy (Lazer Collection 4) or stop working on it at all because of impatient fans (Super Mario Bros Z. RIP T~T).

It probably has to something to do with Real Life™, and now that's it's school season, it might take even longer.
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