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Just thought of something not really related to the story of this comic, but as soon as I say discord taken over my fist thought was "The most powerful being of Equestria was taken down but what looks like ink, so really the most powerful thing is the ink of the writer" Kinda got a Fiction vs Writer vibe going there.
But none the less, I am as attached to this comic as discord is to obey

How do I know you aren't the Dalek making me read this against my will O.o
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what ever this stuff is, it ripped the daleks from their own universe and brought them to this one.  and is strong enough to overpower. discord.
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And the true threat rears it's ugly head.
Even Discord has been nerfed? *sighs*
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oh shhhhhhhhhh..........!!!!!
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Kamicord and Simonshy!
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kamina head "Believe in the me that believes in you!"
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HEY. remember when you said all the Mane 6 would fight someone. Well Fluttershy could release Discord of this spell and what not,how ever this wil happen
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She does, but not in the way you would think.
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So its official the mane 6 and other MLP heroes are not going to be able to beat this, only The Doctor can help them now.
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oooh, I wonder if that last panel of Discord reaching out is his trying to teleport Fluttershy away...
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That almost looks like a symbyote :-? (Confused) Confused 
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I think all swarms of worms look like symbiotes.

Discord as Venom would be kinda cool.
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Glad to see this is still on going. Oooh, plot twist. Something even worse is behind the Daleks!
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What could be worse then Daleks?
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Davros, the nameless thing from the DW episode Midnight, or in this case, something powerful enough to possess both the Daleks AND Discord.
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The nameless thing sounds kinda cool.  ^^
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Joltres:"I'll grab the freeze ray later.."
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God, I love Discord
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Once Doctor Who villain I know of with mind control abilities and green eyes would be Sutekh from the old Doctor Who era. The goo is new though. 
Whatever it is, Discord is now under its control. Things are worse than it is. 
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I do hope it is a team-up of Suthek and the Daleks. Loved that guy.
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