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Doctor Whooves: Elder Page 36

So that's Pinkie's story, and she and her chums are well on their way.

Now, only one more pony left whose got a story to tell.  It's always Twilight's whose last huh?

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and BBC

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MLP Octavia (Smug) Plz Hello: my name is Octavia; you broke my cello: prepare to die.
Saiyanstrong's avatar
i know that reference,
MercenaryX's avatar
Who doesn't at this point?
:) I was hoping you would :)
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Did you know mine?
...technically Steve Rogers/Captain America said that he UNDERSTOOD the reference (and if I got that wrong, I apologize: I might be a bit rusty on my pop culture references)
Saiyanstrong's avatar
I was referencing him.
(nods) good to know :)
That last panel, I keep hearing that in Mario's voice for some reason.
Persona22's avatar
This comic has been on hiatus for a while now... is it still going?
Aprion's avatar
ohh cant wait for the next bit :)
wolfpaws72's avatar
This is an amazing comic - so goood Scootaloo (Squee) Plz 
lulumengwayne's avatar
is it the end?。。。
ShwiggityShwah's avatar
No Im in training right now so no work can be done.
JohnaMan's avatar
Training for what? Are you in the military?
VentodelCaos's avatar
How long? When your training will end?
Glad to hear news from you.
lulumengwayne's avatar
OK.I hope that it can update as soon as possible.cheer up.
mlpiloveme123's avatar
I don't love abandonned comics.
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