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Queen Chrysalis

For sale, yep.

Hello there! Finally, the little Queen Chrysalis is ready :3


This figure was made in a collab with v747 and HitBass, and you can buy it!
To do this, just email me on Figure size: height 14 cm, length 18 cm, width 16 cm. She is big bug! :)
I was really pleased to work on this figure! You can buy it online, or at one of the future conventions, like Hearth's warming con, Babscon, Galacon!
The quantity is very limited :)
If you want to support me, then I will be incredibly grateful if you become my patron
Or follow me on Twitter
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I bought one at HWcon and I'm so happy with her :) She's all assembled now and will get her in my display
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Thanks for your supporting ^^
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Wow what amazing work. This looks so gorgeous.
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Beautiful  scene with the moss and rocks..   Very lovely :D
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I must buy a aerograph airbrush too...
My ideas of bigger sculptures than H0 or blindbags suspended behind lack of that damned tool.

Anyway very glad to see so good pony sculpture after a while :)
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That's really cute!
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Wow, fantastic work. :heart:

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is it wrong to think chrysalis is cute here

if not I'm going into hiding

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That pose really reminds me of a pic I made years ago, even with that cute heart. Impressive sculpture!

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Damn that is awesome.
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Queen Chrysalis 7 Mad Queen Chrysalis Heart Heart Heart 

She will hold Equestria captive for ONE MILLION bits...
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Cute, but I on't think I could afford it:XD:
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Looks great! :D

...but it's still sorcery and witchcraft! :P
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