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Aug 21, 2018
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Aug 21, 2018
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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I communicate with Google Translator)

I started sculpting at the beginning of 2016. I would never have come to this, if not for two people - my brother, and VIIStar. When I see her works, I realize that I will never reach that level. Yet it is his work could ignite a flame in my heart, giving inspiration and strength for creativity! Thank you so much.

Just give me a chance and I'll show you my best work :)
I am always ready to take an commission for a figure for your art. Just wrote me and we will agree!

I'm going to stream! :) If you want to join - follow these links!

название картинки

название картинки

Also you can visit my YouTube channel, where I post a video of a sculpting process, timelapses and 360° video of my work :)

I would like to say that I am very impressed by how much you liked one of my last work! I'm really happy to see the feedback.
I've been working on my figures for more than two years, but this is my first figure, which scored almost 20,000 views !!! (my previous record is 3600).
I am incredibly grateful to you that you noticed me, and watch me. I promise that I will not disappoint you, and I will work, creating pony figurines :)

I get a lot of questions about whether I take commissions.
Yes, I take, but I try to take only the most difficult, and most expensive work. The fact is that I live earning on my craft and this is my only source of income (all rights belong to Hasbro, I ask for money only for materials, and the time that I spent on work :-) )
The fact is that I spend at least 15 days for each figure, and I can not take $ 100 for this work. I do pretty big things, usually around 15-17 cm, and I make every effort to make my figures as detailed as possible. I always have a queue of people who really want to get a figure from me, and I can not take on all that they offer me, and I ask to understand this. (how would I like to have more hours in the day :-( )

Sometimes I have to take breaks to do something for my soul, and experiment, it also takes time.
Prices for my work are always different, they come from what you want to get, what size, level of detail. I'm always ashamed to ask as much as I want, and so all I have to do is wait for your suggestions.
In other words, I have no prices. You get paid - I make. If I get paid more than I expected, then I spend more time working, everything is simple. I really appreciate my customers, and I try to please you in everything. Seriously guys, thank you for being there!
I am ready to undertake very difficult work. I think I can do a lot of things that I have not done yet. I'm still learning, I still do not know how to sculpt hair, or human faces, but I always try to get better, and I thank people who give me a chance to do it!
If you want a commission from me, I want to tell you: are you sure that you need this? Perhaps it would be better if you spend money on something useful, or make your parents a small gift :-)
But if you are determined, I can help you.
I have very little time, next year I would really like to visit Bronycon (if I get a visa :-) ) and therefore I have to work VERY hard to pay for a trip that will cost me very much. After all, I live in the heart of Siberia. Oh, I'm sorry, a bear is breaking into my hut, I'll have to go away, haha :D

Well. As I said, I'm ready to take on a difficult, expensive work to make a trip to the Bronycon. You can write me what you want, and for what price, and I will definitely answer you!
Thank you for your attention, and now I need to return to work :-)


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carpetshark69 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
here's a challenge for ya:  Cozy Glow  from season 8
Shuxer59 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Dude nooooo :D
KnightenArtsStudio Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the Llama :)
FuzzyPones Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey i saw you at the galacon! Brohoof 
I had no idea how to transport them safely home so i hesitated too much and ended up not buying one.
I will figure something out for next year and definetly get one :)
Shuxer59 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello! :) You did not have to worry, you just had to ask me :) All my figures can be disassembled, and safely transported. Also, I could pack them :)
FuzzyPones Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, cool. Yeah i should have asked.
Next time then : >
dustysculptures Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
How did you do at Galacon? I hope it was a great experience~! 
Shuxer59 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hello! I met a bunch of interesting people :) But everything went not so smoothly as it could, and these are the problems caused by the organizers.
dustysculptures Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I understand, it is sometimes hard with convention staff. They are sometimes busy or incompetent depending on which convention you are going to. 
How was vending? Was it worth going to Galacon? What was your best memory? You worked very hard on those sculptures! (^-^) 
Shuxer59 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Problems with communication with the administration was not, all the problems were in those issues that we could not solve. This is a very difficult question. In some moments the administration did an excellent job, for example, invited great volunteers, and on the other hand their selection of lots for a charity auction was ridiculous. Absolute shit coexisted with a few beautiful things. People bought it, not even imagining that there would be something worthwhile.
As for me, I sold everything as expected, but the problem is that I spent a very considerable amount to go to GalaCon, and I even had to make some discount so that some of my works were sold. Damn it! People in Germany do not like AJ! Last year, when I was at GalaCon, I did not sell the AJ figurine, and eventually signed it to Ashleigh Ball, and left it to myself. This year, my new AJ was sold, but last, and with a big discount.
In other words, I could earn more if I did not go anywhere. But I went for impressions and rest, and I got them! :)
I met with my subscribers, there was even one guy whom I inspired to work. The first figure he made was sold for 1000 Euro at auction :) By the way, mine, over which I worked one month - for 950 :D
I gave my Sweetie Belle to Claire Corlett, her emotions were gorgeous :)
By the way, the convention is important in the first place about people who can be found there.

I would very much like to get to BronyCon next year, and really will do my best to go. But I have incredibly few chances. The visa will cost me about $ 1000, as I will have to fly to another country to do it. The flight to the United States will cost about $ 1000, and I think I will have to spend the same amount to live this time in the US. At least $ 3000 ... I earn this money in 7 months ... Even if I succeed, I will not earn anything ...
And one more problem, in order to sell something in the US, we need help with taxes. I need someone who will take over this part, and help me with the trade stand and all the questions. I doubt that I will find such a person ..
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