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I figured I'd need to type up a journal entry so that there's some important info easily available on my gallery frontpage.

*I'm not really active here. I'm just a lurker and prefer some other communities than DA. If you leave a comment to me and I reply either late or never, sorry :(

*I don't leave "thanks for the fave/watch" comments. They don't offer you any input about your art. If you +fav me or something, I am still thankful of your interest, but I won't post a "thx for the +fav" post on your gallery. It may be polite and DA netiquette, but I find posting those kinda empty and hollow.

*If you have something you really need me to reply to: drop me a DA note. I'm more likely to notice them than comments. (I just a minute ago was trying to delete a couple hundred fav/watch messages, and accidentally deleted all the unread comments too. Oops :()

*I'm not doing requests or trades. And I don't do commissions either. (Ah, okay, I do commissions from time to time, but only under very special circumstances and in "some other" online community than DA.)

*If you want to reuse my art (for example by tracing, referencing or copy/pasting), it's okay and you don't need to ask me for permission, as long as:

-it's for non-commercial use (meaning: no one's making money with the picture)
-you're using some of my old pics instead of asking me to draw something new for you to use
-you credit it so that people are aware which part of the picture you did yourself and which part is mine.

Also, even though it's not obligatory, it's still nice and polite to inform me if you're using my art somewhere; I'd just like to know out of curiosity where people use my art.

If you're uncertain about whether it's okay to reuse some pic of mine (for example on some site other than DA), send a note to ask. Usually when people ask if they can use my pics on free little "hobby" websites etc, I give them permission. But if it's a professional commercial website, I'd rather not get involved.