Team Cyras Genearal Task and Research Task 2

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Tales of Andalusst Episode 2: Sewing and Sorting

The next morning was slightly dreary, rain clouds moving in from the south. It wasn't expected to rain but many denizens of Anderlusst were sticking close to home in case the heavens decided to give them a free shower. Inside Bucky's dealing the occupants were enjoying a breakfast of oatmeal, honey and fresh milk. Between Jay and Bucky the house was starting to look like Regigias rampage hadn't even happened. They were gathered around the now newly repaired kitchen table while Ruca laid on the couch.

"So what are you two going to do today?" asked Maisy

"Well, there was a task that I was interested in doing. There is going to be a firework display they need help with. I used to help with stuff like that back home and I thought it would be a good way to show off my technique ," said Jay

"Honestly, do we really need to deal with something that can be done by others? We've been in this town for nearly two weeks now and we STILL haven't done any of the research we came here to do in the first place!" said Ruca.

"She does have a point," said Jay. "Maybe we really should get to the library and get to work,"

"FINALLY," cried Ruca

"Hey you overgrown salad knife, you shouldn't boss him around like that!" said Maisy getting up on the table.

"I'll boss him around as much as I well please because he needs to start getting things done. Aren't you supposed to be playing with your posses or crew or whatever the heck kids say," responded Ruca

"The term is my FRIENDS, and playing with them is better than arguing with some smelly old relic," said Maisy.

She hops off the table and takes off for the door, then returns for her bowl of breakfast, sticks out her tongue than promptly leaves slamming the door behind her.

"Great you went and riled her up. You're responsible for bringing her back home if she does anything foolish," said Bucky.

"I'm not responsible if she wants to act like a child. How old is she anyway? Shouldn't she have evolved by now?" said Ruca.

"That's her business, I can't force her not anymore than I can force you or Jay. Now GET!"

Having had enough of the conversation the Raichu shoved them both out the door.

"I expect her to be safe and sound when you get back home otherwise you can pack your stuff and get out of my house!"

The door slammed behind them and the door locked. In any case they weren't going to be coming back until they had Maisy with them.

"Well this is a pickle isn't it?" said Jay

"It's trouble is what it is, we don't have time for this. If the munchkin wants to play around all day and get in trouble let her. We have far more important things to handle," said Ruca.

"I guess so," Jay looked in the direction he felt Maisy had taken off in and followed Ruca solemly thorugh the crowd. "I hope she'll be okay..." he thought


Maisy stormed up the street, fuming at Ruca and her holier than thou attitude about everything. It made her want to short out and fry something. She reigned in the urge to do so, that usually ended up to the trip to the infirmary and needles..."

The mouse shuddered in revulsion as she walked up to what seemed to be a cobbled together clubhouse. It was the pride of her and her friends. It was cobbled together with scraps and friendly donations from some good Samaritans. It took almost all of last summer but when it was finished they couldn't have been prouder at the time. It served as a meeting place as well as a base to fall back to if some of the meaner kids started getting out of hand.

"Hey guys I'm here, I'm ready to try the Ramp today! Guys...?" After ducking her head through she found that the only other Pokemon in the clubhouse was the Rilou she made friends with the other day. He was snoozing with his back to her though he was twitching every so slightly.

"Sheesh I told him he could crash for a bit not sleep the entire night," said Maisy

Taking a pot and a ladle she started banging as loud as she could. The noise was enough to startle the poor fighter and he jumped nearly three feet in the air. He had some kind of knife out at the ready eyes darting around until they laid on Maisy. He started to relax a little but still kept th knife up

"Do-Don't DO that! I could have killed you!" he screamed.

Maisy waved him off like he couldn't have even bothered a Metapod.

"Details, beside you would have to catch me if you wanted to kill me anyway.I said you could crash for a bit not make all cozy and sleep half the night!"

"Sorry, I didn't have anywhere else to go," mumbled the Rilou

"I guess I can't get mad at you, others sleep here to dodge getting in trouble at home but this is the only free bee you get. If your'e going to start living here you're going to have to start putting in some work like the rest of us," said Maisy

"Work? Look I really have to get going, someone is going to be waiting for me and..."

Maisy clasped his paw and hers and gave him a smile. The Rilou face started burning as he hadn't really been this close to a girl his own age.

"Hey, if they were waiting they would have come looking for now. If they get mad I'll cover for you okay? Now relax! I got something I want to show you anyway! Besides how bad could it be making a bunch of new friends?" said Maisy

"New...friends..?" he repeated

"Yeah, don't you got them wherever you're from um...actually I don't think I even got your name," she turns to him tilting her head

"It's...it's Rush," replied Rush. He looks down at the ground

"Huh not a bad name it fits you. They way you were running around when I ran into you you would think your tail was on fire,"

"It probably would have been considering what could be after me," thought Rush

Ever since the job to take the place of the ambassador and gain information about Regigas went bust, Rush had been cut off from his superiors and was left to fend for himself. Protocol stated that he should leave the city as soon as possible but without Sceptile or Greninja to guide him there was no way he could make it back home. For the time being he would have to stick with the Pichu girl until one of them found him. Besides..he liked the idea of making friends if they were anything like the Sneasel he had met earlier...

"T-terribly sorry ma'am, you see there is going to be an expedition into a new dungeon soon and the Researchers have reserved the entire library to conduct research on the new possilbe resources found at the entrance so far.  I'm terribly sorry but there isn't anything I can do," explained a Venonat librarian.

"Alright, can you tell me at least how long they are going to be in there?" said Ruca.

"About a week tops ma'am. I'll make sure to forward a request for you and make it a top prioity that you can visit," said the librarian.

"Perfect another week of wasted time," groaned Ruca.

"Chin up, I'm sure we can find something to do while we wait. I heard a needlework shop got in a shipment of patches and thread. I've been meaning to fix up the rest of the funitture in the house so I can finish the repairs in the living room," said jay

"Do what you want. If you excuse me I'm going to find something actually worth while to do!" said Ruca. Without even sparing her partner a second glance she floated off in a seemingly random direction. Jay watched her go and just shrugged and started to head down to the Sewing Sweete.

On the way there he noticed a rather large number of mon in a shop he was unfamiliar with. Curiosity got the better of him and he walked up to see the commotion. There was a sign on the front door

"Models Needed! Willing to pay for participation in a fashion show! Please wipe feet at the door and inquire for Chantelle when you come in."

Looking around Jay noticed that there was a very high concentration of female Pokemon around him. Before he could move to leave the doors opened up to the clothes shop and Jay was swept up in the tide of bodies flowing into the shop.

"I hope Ruca is having an easier time than I am..." he thought as he was swallowed in the flood

Still fuming over the Quilava's lack of any kind of decisive action for their mission Ruca lost track of where she was going. When she looked around and realized she didn't know where she was that only made her bad mood even worse.

"Ugh, I swear I can't ever catch a break. Can't even one thing go my way just once!?" she cried

"Hey! Are you free right now?"

Ruca turned, ready to tell whoever was bothering to shove it when she paused. A swoobat flew close to her and landed "I'm sorry to bug you, just we're a bit short handed at the moment. Do you mind helping us sort out some information?"

Thinking about it she figured that if someone in the Research branch needed help with information it may be worth the time to help. Depending on what the information was it could actually prove beneficial in the long wrong.

"I suppose I can spare the time, lead the way,"

The swoobat brought Ruca to an office that looked like it was filled to the brim with paperwork.

"Since the discovery of the new mystery dungeon the western office has been getting a flood of applications from new teams and other researchers that want the first crack at it. I've been working as fast as I can, just I'm starting to get a headache from controlling so many quills at once," said the Swoobat

Studying the mess, Ruca knew that even with her help it would be impossible to complete the task in a timely manner. Jay's lack of presence made itself know as she knew that he had a talent for such a thing.

"I would look like a fool if I went back begging for HIS help. Come on, I know I can figure this out. Just takes a little mental footwork is all," Looking for the piles of paperwork an idea began to form

"What is your name again? I don't think I caught it," asked Ruca

"It's Solstice and you would be?"

"Ruca, Team Cryas. I think I may know how to spare you a lot of trouble Solstice. If you give me a little time I'm sure I'll have not only enough help to get through this paperwork it may be done by tonight or tomorrow morning,"

Solstice raised an eyebrow, "That's a pretty tall order, how in the world do you think you can pull it off?"

"You leave that part to me. Is there anything else that you need?""

"I guess I could get some extra quills to help out. All the ones in that room are nearly worn out." said Solstice 

"See that you do," said Ruca.

Even though she had an easy feeling about what Ruca had planned she admitted it was good to finally get some help. Assured that the honedge would handle things she took off off for the supply closet.


Rush was terrified, he had followed Maisy thinking she was going to meet some friendly new faces. Well he did meet some faces. He just wasn't sure they were all that friendly. He had found out that Maisy and her friends, a sentret named Maxwell, a Cubchoo named Buckle and Wingull named Keharr were locked in some kind of bizarre turf war.

To his horror he also found out they were the smallest group out of the six groups that vied for control of all the major hangouts. At the moment they were up against Ricky's Rockets, a massive group of normal type Pokemon. They had taken over a Park that had a lot of swings, sandboxes and other toys that could keep a kid occupied for hours. They had been battling their way to the big playset that had three slides, monkey bars and even a simple ball pit. The Rockets weren't making it easy as they threw the full weight of their numbers against the five pokemon.

They were outnumbered, outgunned and should defiantly be outmatched

Rush was terrified yes, but he was honestly having the time of his life!

"Graaaggh!" A Patrat leaped at the Rilou fangs bared for an attack than a timely thunder shock knocked him off coarse and into a pile of Ratatta that were running up toward his flank. Maisy laughed like some amazon as she hopped on top of a Pidgey it flapped it's wings trying to dislodge the mouse. She shocked him, kicked of where he fell into a group Zigagoon. Then they exploded for no damn good reason

"How did you DO that?" said Rush.

"Heck if I know, they just seem to explode every once in a while if the fall in groups. I'm not going to complain it's cool!" shouted Maisy.

"Boss! We've broken through! We're ready to attack their base!" said Keharr flying low spitting Water Gun to keep the enemy from getting too close.

"For the motherlaaaaand!" screamed Buckle. He whirled his arms and ran with his eyes closed barreling through Pokemon left and right. Unfortunately running with your eyes closed isn't exactly a viable strategy and he ended up running in the opposite direction of the jungle gym which was their destination.

"Honestly we really need to get that guy to look up," moaned Maxwell as their long time muscle ran off to parts unknown.

"Don't worry about it, Rush is just as good as Buckle. Plus he doesn't close his eyes each time he throws a punch now come on!" said Maisy

When they arrived they found a Zangoose arms crossed cackling like some Saturday morning villain.

"Couldn't stand the thought of losing ta me huh? Wounded pride make you come back for seconds?" he said

"Stuff it! You took the flag when I was napping! We said that napping was a no steal time!" said Maisy

"Plus you didn't need to steal our cookies too!" chimed Maxwell

"Details! Beside you started it! You stole the Park flag when I was grounded!" retorted the Zangoose

"Grounding is fair game and you know it! Enough talk! Have at you!"

Rush honestly didn't know what was going on and a part of him really didn't care. For once in as long as he could remember he was having fun and he wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe having friends, crazy as they all were, was worth having after all.

Jay was on the opposite end of that spectrum. Not only had he been dragged into the shop against his will he had also been sucked into the fashion show. Normally he wouldn't have had an issue with this, he enjoyed helping people out. The one snag in the situation was that Chantelle had only taken a glance his way and shuffled him off to where the female fashions were and before he could even say "Cor Blimey" he was put in a summer skirt, blouse and sun hat. Next thing he knew he was out on display on the runway blushing like mad. When it was his turned to walk up he did so slowly, to him he wasn't trying to mess up though to others it looked like a slow sway of his hips and his nervousness was interpreted as being coy.

"Why are they cheering so loud? Oh gosh oh gosh," 

It was too much for the normally shy and reserved Quilava. The moment he got the chance to get off the runway he bolted flying right back into the empty dress room. He pulled the hat down on his head, sucking in air and blowing it out like he had run a country mile

"Inhale, count to four...exhale...count to four," He sat in the dark until he had calmed down. He slipped out of the clothes and left out of the shop as quickly as possible. He wanted to get back to Bucky and hide until he was sure no one would remember he had even existed.

"I should have gone with Ruca! Anything would have been better than this...!"


When Solstice returned with a bunch of new quills and bottles of ink her shock at what Ruca had accomplished nearly made her drop everything. It looked like a good deal of the of the very same people that were turned in the applications and paper work were doing it themselves. Ruca was keeping a sharp eye on them and snapping at anyone that seemed to be falling behind.

"H-how did you do all of this?" said Solstice

"Oh? I said I would put in a word with Archimedes if they actually came and helped you out. Some of them saw me talking with him the other day after helping out with all that Snorlax business. I just took their perception of what they thought was real and applied it,"

"You still lied to them! What if they go to Archie and he says he never said anything like that?" said Solstice

"Considering the Inkay's personality do you honestly believe anyone is going to come to him that quickly or if at all? I believe he has a reputation of being quite abrasive and aloof around his subordinates. I'm just playing the circumstances of what they are." said Ruca

Solstice fumed slightly, the Honedge had a strong point. Archimedes would more than likely blow off anyone that approached about him about anything. At the same time all the research teams that wanted to go to the new dungeon would have the hope that maybe if someone they saw talking with Archimedes for more than a few moments may have enough sway to convince him of something. It was incredibly underhanded yet at the same time...

"I guess I'll get to passing out the new quills than," said Solstice dryly

"Thank you, the group over by the file cabinets over there were shouting they needed some replacements. I'll take them over to them now." Ruca took a few quills in her scarf and floated over to where they were needed. Solstice watched slightly concerned. Whoever this character was she wasn't afraid to use others emotions against them and was smart enough to know how to profit from it. Solstice grudgedly admitted it worked in her favor for now, yet at the same time she had the feeling Ruca would have just as easily used her to complete the task. She was a dangerous one that was for sure.

"I just feel bad for who ever she's partnered with," said Solstice.


Evening rolled around quickly, the clouds from earlier had gotten darker and lightning was rumbling within them. Pokemon were quickly making their way home to get out of the coming storm. Maisy and Rush were supported each other on the way back to the clubhouse. They were bruised and battered but Maisy clutched the Rocket's flag in her paw.

"Hehe, that was...freaking awesome," she said

"Is he going to be okay? I mean we beat him up pretty bad," said Rush

"Naw he's alright, his mom takes care of a berry shop about three doors down from where I live. When he drags himself home he'll be back to normal in no time. Oh and don't let that whole 'Muahaha' act fool ya. He is pretty cool most of the time."

"I don't get it if you're friends with him why did you fight him?!" said Rush

"Because it was fun duh? Sheesh don't you play with any of your friends?"


Maisy waved it away as they arrived at the clubhouse. She took the flag and stored it in a chest and locked it. She took the key and hid it under a mat at the entrance.

"There we go, now we know it won't get ruined by the rain. Anyway I'm going to head home. It was fun playing with you again today. See you tomorrow!"

She patted his shoulder and took off for home. Rush stood there outside of the clubhouse an impossibly large smile on his face. "Tomorrow huh...? he wiggled back into the clubhouse and flopped on the couch to go to sleep feeling content. Outside, however, orange eyes had been watching the two ever since they arrived.


After a slight falling out Ruca and Jay go their separate ways for the day! Also Maisy gives her new friend a crash course on her definition of "playing" Even so there seems to be a shadow hanging over the boy, who is he exactly?

Tasks Checklist?
Helped Chantelle With her Show?: Questionable, Jay didn't stay to see the results!
Helped Solstice with her Paperwork?: Complete! 
Merit Bonus: Prevented Solstice headache?: Questionable, Ruca did use an underhanded method to complete the work.

Chosen Rewards, Fly Goggles and DIY Handbook

Next Time:

Rush past finally catches up to him but Sceptile is going to be the least of his worries. Who is the Ninetales that appears and why does she terrify Jay so much?

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