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Sailor Scorpio



:faint:THEY'RE ALL DONE:faint:

I will be editing files and posting everyone's names on my group, :iconbssmshadows: momentarily!

And I saved the best for last!

This is Sailor Scorpio, who is, my far, my absolute FAVORITE of my Zodiac. She's the Senshi of Lust and can be a bit of a whore, but there's so, so much more to her then that. She's easily the most mature and calm of the group; she's completely unflappable, and remains calm even in the most trying of circumstances. And she does it all while slipping flirtatious comments in without people even realizing it XD

Her attacks do no damage, but they're highly distracting, allowing her time to use her spear. She's one of the strongest of the group, and is quite adept at fighting, and even uses her floor-length hair to her advantage sometimes XD She's also the tallest of the girls, standing at a whopping 5'11" (And THEN she has those 5-inch stilettos!)

I had no idea how to convey lust in the background without slapping hearts or questionable content, so...I played around and went grungy XD So I hope her pose does it enough!

And, as the Senshi of Lust, her fuku is a little...*ahem* modified. Her skirt is WAY shorter then the others, and her bodice loops down lower on her back, showing off some side-boob action. Oh, and the stilettos. Nothing says sexy like a pair of thigh-high leather stiletto boots :love:

And yes, her colors changed from the game sprite. They didn't work as well as I thought ^^; Many thanks to :iconavitous: and :iconreeness: for the help and suggestions!

Pose from the lovely :iconsenshistock:

Sailor Scorpio (c) Me

Sailor Moon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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This looks very beautiful! ^^