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Otaku Senshi Sera Myu - StarS

Kakyuu-Ouhi and ChibiChibi! ^__^ I love Kakyuu in the Myu...its so lovely to watch her.

For this, I did Sakayo's outfit since it's less garish and very beautiful. I didn't do the gold designs on the blue since it would end up bleeding and look gross. As for Chibi's, I went with the Fourth Stage look for her ^^ Less pipe-cleanerish.

Kakyuu is played by Sailorcapricorn, WHO IS MINE DAMNIT! :shakefist:

ChibiChibi is played by Mink, who belongs to

Sailormoon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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Chibichibi looks great!
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Pretty cool. The only thing I would suggest is to maybe change the way you do skirts a tiny bit; they don't look so much pleated as they look kinda like a bunch of strips put together O.o; Just a bit confusing.
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Colored.. so... effing nicely.. :D
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<3 Mink looks so cute~! ^___^ *favorites* Thank you so much~ ^-^
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XD She is cute. You're welcome!
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Wow... They both look amazing! Great job hun!
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Kakyuu-sama looks SOOOO beautiful! XD I loooooove her hair! XD Very well done! <33
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I LOVE Kakyuu's Myu dress. It is so pretty. :D Thanks!
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