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Otaku Senshi Sera Myu - S

The S villians are up! Thats an assload of black hair, man XD

Tomoe, M9 (I LOVE HER MYU OUTFIT SO MUCH), and Kaolinite (Miki style!). Miki's Kaolinite outfit is awesome. Then again, so is Miki, SO HAH. Turned out okay; I'm especially proud of Kaolinite's pose and handdsss...they are so pretty :D

Thats as close as I could get to Kali's skintone, sadly ;.;

Tomoe is played by Sailor Philomela, who belongs to Blessed Bee

Mistress 9 is played by Sailor Kali, who belongs to

Kaolinite is played by Sailor Humility, who belongs to Fuzzel.

Sailormoon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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i like the character who  is in red.
NekoAiTorankusu's avatar
Ahh, evil doctors are soooooooo much fun to work with... :3
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Hehhh. Great. Love the shading!
BlessedBee's avatar
Ooh... Philomela looks hot as Tomoe. Genderbending, wheee~
shuu-bunni's avatar
Hey, girls have played guys before in Myu! Heck, a guy played a girl in it too <3!
djsoblivion1990's avatar
That's awesome! I love them all! :w00t: great job!
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That is a cool pose, indeed. :3

Nice hands, too. ^^
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Amazing, like all the others, and Kali's skin colour is pretty much dead on! XD
shuu-bunni's avatar
Really? I think its too blue D:
DragonRhapsody's avatar
Nuh uh, given what you had and what you've done, it's brilliant! XD
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