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Otaku Senshi Sera Myu - MKC



On the Tower of Time Forums ( [link] ), I was feeling particuarly adventurous and attempted to take on a large project, called Otaku Senshi Sera Myu. Basically, what I do, is I take verious Otaku Senshi (per request of their owners) and throw them in some Myu gear. I left the wigs out and styled their hair, if acceptable, to match the Senshi they're playing. I kept the wigs out of the picture so that they can be at least somewhat familar.

Here's the first batch! Sailormoon, Tuxedo Kamen, and Chibi-moon!

Admittingly, I bloched on a few things throughout this project. ON this one, I messed up on Moon's skirt (she DOESNT have that yellow part!), her bows, gloves and boots are more pink, and Chibi-moon's gloves are pink. But I have learned! The next round I shall do with referances. @_@;

I'm posing each character like their role. Or trying to, at least.

And yes, Kamen is played by a girl. XD

Sailormoon is played by Sailorstarseed, (c) to Hotaruchan.

Kamen is played by Elysion, (c) to Kuroshi Tenshi

Chibi-moon is played by Sailoramaethon, (c) to

Sailormoon (c) Naoko Takeuchi
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How did I miss this awesome work? I have no idea! #__#;; I am just so lame sometimes! *sigh* I love it, it looks amazing! You are my hero, Shuu-chan! <33