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[Dragon Age] Commander of the Grey

Sweet baby jesus, have I really done 4  pieces of art this month?! Spaz attack Holy crap. 

Trying to get through stuff I've already started so...some of this may be old. Like this piece! I have no idea how long it's been sitting, but uh...I finally finished it?? Yey? O_o 

More Dragon Age art, too! I have mostly the whole cast done for my fanfic, Lyrium Rose! Which is also my canon playthrough/worldstate for Dragon Age :D I haven't done any Inquisition peeps since uh, I haven't gotten there yet. Long way to go before I do :shifty: 

So here we have my canon Warden, Janiya Mahariel! She's a pocket full o' sunshine, she is. This is her basic appearance after the 5th Blight, when she takes over as Commander of the Grey Wardens in Ferelden for a few years. Before she runs off with her hubby boyfriend, Zevran. To assassinate their way up the Crows and eventually take over. Yeah. That's a thing in this. 

This isn't what she wears in the field as a Warden, of course. I can't be bothered to draw friggin' armor again, not after how long it took me to draw Carver's goddamn scale maile: :crying: So this is her "casual" outfit, AKA when she's performing her duties while not off killing Darkspawn. and yes she is wearing Zevran's earring on her left ear

Yes, her Vallaslin covers her entire torso! :la: She's actually my interpretation of a "Spirit Warrior," since that crap wasn't really ever fully explained in Awakening. Basically, I BS'd that she has a connection to the Fade and can pull energy from it, but not magic. She can use it to create waves of pure force, or basically step into it and appear somewhere else entirely. It's extremely difficult to control without ripping herself apart (or ripping a hole in the veil hahahaha :scared: ), so her Vallaslin actually have a purpose, besides signifying her adulthood. They're actually laced with Lyrium, not to the extent of Fenris, but enough so that she has dull stinging sensations when they're inactive, like know; but become more burning when she activates them. The Lyrium gives her a certain extent of control over her abilities. Oh, and her abilities also make her eyes glow. BECAUSE GLOWING EYES ARE COOL. 

Fun fact: Most of the colors on her outfit are based on actual types of dye used in the Medieval peroid :D

Gosh her arm is so stiff, but I wasn't about to friggin' redraw the Vallaslin. No thank you. Also reeaaallly dont like her hand. But also couldn't be bothered to redraw it, oops. But I really love her face and her hair! And her Vallaslin, of course :happybounce: I'm also quite happy with her design. She's a tall, buff elf too; she's 5'10" (which is prolly tall for a human women since...that's kinda tall for one now! :dummy: ). 

Pose reference by :iconsenshistock:

BG Stock image by :iconelandria: 
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Glad my stock came in useful! :)
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Very much so! Thank you :heart: