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[CS] Lady of the Lake

I had to :XD:


The full image for by Gen1!Eridanus painting. Because holyshit YES, I have to upload it by itself, without any of the effects added onto it. I also painted the full outfit/her body and covered it with the water, you can see it here:

My idea since the beginning of joining :iconconstellation-senshi: was, since I made Eridanus' realm drowning, that finding the painting of her past self would be based upon the traditional "Ophelia Drowns" type of art. Granted, I'm nowhere NEAR as good as actual oil painters, but considering this is my first time doing a full-on digital painting (that I actually finished)? Not a bad effort! Especially considering I was using VERY heavily textured brushes for this, to give it a painted and canvas-like feel. :nod: 

I...I love how creepy this is. It's so haunting to me, and it first Arethusa perfectly. I was in love with her face when I was painting and had the sketch overlaid, but I tweaked it enough where it turned out even worse. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL :crying: 

Also only my second time painting water seriously, I think it turned out a LOT better then my last attempt. I also really love how I did the fading effect for her body vanishing into the depths and all of that. Just...ugh. I mean, I know her hands are derpy and, thankfully, you cant see the fact I totally foreshortened her legs fine, but COMPLETELY forgot to foreshorten her skirt (oops ^^; ), but I love this SO MUCH ugh. One of my favorite pieces I've done in a really, really long time Ai A-chan Fuuyuumi (Tears of Joy) [V1] 

Pose reference for Gen1 by :iconeirian-stock:

Peeling paint texture 1 by :iconamka-stock:

Peeling paint texture 2 by :iconkameleonklik:
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This looks absolutely amazing <3 I love the task art as a whole, but I think this is the piece that makes it. The idea is just gorgeous, and I love the textures you've given it. It really looks like a painting. I can guess how much effort it must have taken, but something like this would be amazing to see again~
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It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would? Probably only about 8 hours total, which is actually...really kind of fast for me ^^; I think the lack of actual lineart really helped. I do really like this style, I may play with it more. We'll see :D 

Thank you! :love: