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MLP: Good Night, Twily

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Per a comment on a Derpibooru repost of this, here's some blank versions of this image with the Twily Eyes and the Special Eyes.

I had an initial sketch of this from summer I was gonna color, but then as I started to work on it tonight I realized that in the flashback scene to Cadance, it shows either Twilight's room back home or Cadance's (but I'm just going to assume it's Twilight's).


Now I just need AJ and Applebloom...and maybe Dash and Scoots. c:

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what's this, oh just Shining Armor being equestria's greatest big brother ever, that's all
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Hush now , quiet now , it's time to go to bed.....Fluttershy :D awww cute!
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Glad you think so! n_n
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Your welcome!!! :)
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Twilight and Shining are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!
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Shining's body looks way too squeezed up and small, but still so cute. :heart:
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I agree, it does look kinda weird there. Aw well, thanks for the feedback. :)
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D'awww ^^ Shining armor kiss Twilight's head.
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This gave me the feeling that Shining Armor is babying Twilight like she's his daughter.

Oh well, good job. I feel like having a sibling is what I needed the most, which I will never have.
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I like the idea in ~Westernciv's comment - that maybe after this night he goes off to train for the Royal Guard. o: (I suppose that's better than, "Nighty night Twi, off to buck the foalsitter~", which was I think on a Derpibooru repost xD).

Thanks! :) And I dunno, siblings are quite the pain in the rear too, haha.
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Depends if you're younger or older.

Older people seem to get used to it/understand whatever the hay is going on around his/her life.
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It's beautiful to see a big brother taking care of his little sister.

Adorable and beautiful work
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