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Ezelle looked at Naira, her fellow nymph. Naira's long silky hair lit up in the sunset, cascading down her slim body like a waterfall.

I wish I had her body. She's the ideal woman - no fat, trim, slender body. Long, straight beautiful hair. Everything I could never be.

Naira saw Ezelle's expression change in the twilight, her perfect face contorting into a delightfully cute frown.

No wonder everyone's crazy for Ezelle - look at her! She's what a woman should be! Curvy in all the right places, she makes all the men drool. They all come flocking to her whenever we go out in the forest. I wish.. no, no use. My breasts will never be like that, I am stuck - another twig in the woods.

The woods were quiet as the two nymphs stared at each other, wishing for things they could not have, and not appreciating what they do have.

I dunno.. felt like doing something people could relate to. I've always seen things through Ezelle's eyes - all my friends are shorter and skinnier than me, I'm the tall giant lady. But, after 22 years of it, I'm finally okay with not being the skinny chick. And everyone else should be too.

Regardless of whether you're an Ezelle or a Naira, love yourself. You're beautiful.

Done in Daz, no postwork.
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Aka-'When Adam went on holiday'