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Countess Almira Batchelor



This is my example pic for an art exchange at [link] - For The Love of Steampunk!

I know there's not Steampunk in this pic, but believe you me, she is - just not when she's reclining after a hard day (or night) at work. :D

For those interested, here's Mira's story:
Mira was basically auctioned off by her family to marry a man much older than her - she was 17, he was in his 50s. She learned very quickly that even though he was old, he was still extremely active in the bedroom, and delighted in bringing in others to teach her the techniques she uses as an adult. When Mira was 20, her husband informed her that as his heir, she was expected to continue his work - seducing others, and selling it to their clients. As he aged and was unable to get as much information (He was no Sean Connery) Mira picked up the slack and a few years before her husband's death was collecting all the information. Her husband died when she was 29, leaving her a title, a grand mansion in the upper city, and the list of clients. Mira had the choice of not working anymore - she had money enough to live comfortably in the mansion for the rest of her life - but she chose to continue working, and even expanded her clientele, gathering different kinds of information. See, she did kind of love her husband, not as a woman should love her hubby, more like an old family friend/mentor, so she continues to work as a way to show her respect for him. Mira has recently become interested in all those mechanical beastie-things she sees around the city, and has made it known that she's interested in acquiring a few as security/pets.
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(He was no Sean Connery) LOL No he was not. I would still have sex with Sean Connery.

anyway I LOVE THIS.