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You're SO cute!

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Thanks everyone!

MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Ecstasy Coquettish Coy  :iconsaysplz: "U-um... c-can you scratch behind my ear?" 

Twilight is just irresistible! Everything about her is just so perfect. Her talent,  commitment, personality... and so much more!

More of cutest princess coming your way!

Twilight Sparkle - Hai 

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Dawwww! Heart 3D *I hug her sincerely and tightly*

twilight is so cute too.

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What time is it? It's time 2 pet the princess!

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Twilight, are you a pony or a dog?
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 * puts down a Samoyed puppy next to her* 
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Oh yeah best pony ever!
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*neals down, gently petting twilight on her head*.
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"Would Her Highness like it if I rub her widdle belly?"
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She would love that so much. ^^

Twilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2 
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One word: Adorable! 

Me: Hey Twilight, if it's okay with you, do you want a hug? :)
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Thanks!! ^^

MLP Twilight Sparkle (Cute Blush) Plz  :iconsaysplz: "I-if you really want a hug..." ~ :heart:
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You're welcome.

Me: Of course I do! :) *hugs Twilight Sparkle* :heart:
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Me: Thank you, Twilight. You're awesome! Do you want me to read you a story by the way?
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Twilight: Yes, please!!
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*picks her up and cuddles her like a kitten*
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Too adorable! ^u^
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How about a bedtime story little twily
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy :iconsaysplz: "That sounds wonderful!" 
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Anything for the Princess of Friendship
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*Picks Twilight up, hugs her, pets her and scratches behind her ear.* You're such an adorable Princess, Twilight! I love you so much! ~ :heart::aww::love::aww::heart:
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twilight sparkle (smile) plz  :iconsaysplz: "Awwww... you're so sweet and gentle!" ~ :heart:
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