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This just melted my heart...

gave up all hope by MetaDragonArt

Me and Kakialoki have been talking to each other for a bit and I heard that she really wants a dad and I decided to take the place due to her's being in jail from an incident.
I am very, very much obliged from this comment that it nearly had a tear rolling down the side of my cheek...

Thank you so very much yet again. :iconkakialoki:

That was very kind and very sweet of you.

:huggle: :heart:
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People often make jokes like this but sometimes you never know the stuff they might be going through IRL that motivates them to make such comments... then it's OMG HE/SHE WASN'T JOKING... and then you feel bad for the state they're in. Good on ya for giving a loving, caring reply.
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I just feel if they give kindness, they get kindness back. ^u^
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Well now your a daddy :meow:
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And I'm a mommy :)
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Um... well only if you wanna ask her if you can be. x3
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No i mean i am...not to her
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Ohh that's right...


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(Sniff) beautiful 
though I would have used a picture of her smiling
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Kakialoki and I exchanged a bit of conversation at one time and just from the small amount of time between us they seem alright company to be with.
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Aweee, that's so adorable!
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I just shed a tear
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Awww, it's ok buddy.

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Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Those heart strings are very, very fragile!! I just put them back together just now! OMGWTFBBWASDFASDAFASFASFASDAFAFDAFASD
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