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The Sun Will Set For You


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Thanks so much!

:iconfluttersmilepplz: :iconsaysplz: "...and the shadow of the day, will embrace the world in gray!"

:iconrainbowdashawplz: :iconsaysplz: "...and the sun, will set for you." ~ :heart:

Yay for more FlutterDashie! I'm starting to run a little bit out of ideas for cute pictures of these two cuties from time to time, but luckily inspiration 
strikes every now and then!

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Rainbow dash receives 100.07 money. And receives 5 tickets to the equestrian national museum. Note: Sorry we only have 5 tickets, these were the only ones left.
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you two are so cute together!
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 they're a favorite of mine too
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Yay, FwuffleDash! :3
Fluttershy - Oh Rainbow Dash! Um, thank you for taking after those bullies.
Rainbow Dash - No promblem! I did tell them to leave but man they were against my friend Twilight.
Fluttershy - Oh! That's horrible!
Rainbow - Next year we're marching to ponysylvania next year if Prince Blueblood is prince of Equestria.
Fluttershy - Oh my! What if Prince Bluebllood ban Applejack's food?
Rainbow - Not a chance! Those ponies surely will veto that law more than that. We don't Applejack and her family to lose the barn. Uh, did one those bullies said to move to caneighda?
Fluttershy - Yes! B-but I love my cottage and I need to take care of my animals.
Rainbow Dash - Fluttershy, I am not going to lose you or my friends. I don't want Twilight to go to the dungeon either. Those jerks! I still believe Celestia defends our friend even if she is not her student anymore. *sighs* That night before the election, no matter what happens, Twilight will not go to the dungeon or even Foals prison. If she does, then we'll bail her out... even if we are at risk.
Fluttershy - Don't say that! Princess Celestia would never put her in the dungeon even if she made some awful mistakes for Equestria. I-I just don't know what you think about. They shoved down out throats to show us who this real Twilight Sparkle is.
Rainbow Dash - What did they say?
Fluttershy - She is a corruptive pony with dark magic and an unfit princess for Equestria. Why? WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN TO HER?
Rainbow Dash - But that's not true. Don't listen to those newspapers, Fluttershy. They spread disharmony to everypony and it's... this isn't right Flutters. How can they write lies to out best friend. Twilight and they believe in those fake stories.
Fluttershy - But Rainbow, she would never kill anypony. Sure she attacked some of the ponies and can get angry sometimes but she did apologized to them and didn't mean to do it.
Rainbow Dash - UGH! How can anypony believe in those FICTION stories?
Fluttershy - I-I don't know! I-I just don't think those stories are true.
Rainbow Dash - Lfuttershy , we are not leaving Ponyville or Cloudsdale. The Wonderbolts need me and your animals need you. Those jerks should be ashamed of themselves and now Equestria is doomed thanks to them.
Fluttershy - Oh no!
Rainbow - I know this sucks, but we're going to through this, but if those jerks deport us we take our friends with us and protest for our rights that we stay in Ponyville. *sighs* But then that means we ponies put ourselves at risk and that includes Twilight going to Foals Prison. She tried to convince that books are the answer to everypony's problems. They didn't listen! They believed media and the newspapers were the solutions and boy they wanted to expose Celstia or even Twilight. Tried to stop those jerks, but I only caught only half of those.
Fluttershy - S-so we're not leaving Ponyvile?
Rsinbow - Flutters, no pony is going anywhere. We are staying even if they try to kick us out.
Fluttershy - What about Twilight?
Rainbow - Don't worry Lfuttershy! We are going to defend her but I can understand how she is so scared but I don't want her to suffer more than she already has.
Fluttershy - T-the latter scandal? Is that why Twilight lost?
Rainbow - Oh yeah! There was that, but thank Celestia she has not married a stallion yet. Her family would have been labeled as, "criminals" instead of "dysfunctional."
Fluttershy - Um, t-the Sparkle Foundation?
Rainbow - Well, at least her family has donated real bits to pony families, but I just don't get it. Nopony believes in anything good about Twilight's family anymore. They may not be bullied yet, but everypony else... I just don't want my friends or her family to get hurt.
Fluttershy - B-but Rainbow, her family -
Rainbow - I don't care what everypony else says. They are a decent family and worked so hard to help out those ponies that don't have anything.
Fluttershy - Oh! So why are you leading the protest?
Rainbow - Starlight didn't want to do it. She doesn't want to get in trouble or go to the dungeon. Ever! Flutters, I don't want to lose you or my friends.
Fluttershy - M-me nether, Rainbow Dash.
Rainbow Dash - Well, then some ponies asked if she was cute? You know what Twilight said?
Fluttershy - What?
Rainbow Dash - Well, she accidentally called a stallion sir and asked why she is so cute.
Fluttershy - *chuckles* Well, Twilight can be adorable.
Rainbow Dash - Don't worry, Flutters! We will fight for our rights. Being right is not what Equestria wants right now, but it's what we want. We are doing this for Twilight and for Equestria.
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Awwww that was super cute. <3
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Ugh, I hate Linkin Park. Metal FTW.
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Hardcore, head banging metal? x3
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I don't mind that either... although, I like all kinds of music.
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Awww, another FlutterDashie! <3 <3 This one's really extremely adorable, dear!! :heart::huggle: And I absolutely love the background too! :meow:
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Thanks very, very much sweetie! <3 <3 <3

:huggle: :heart:
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You're so very welcome, deary! <3 <3 <3

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Personally FlutterDash makes me want a rabies-invested cat to vomit in my mouth just to not ever hear from or see it ever again, but this is too cute. :happybounce: 
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Yaaasssss, Linkin Park! They're my favourite band and FlutterDash is my favourite MLP pairing! <3
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Same all!!!!! :dummy:

LP :heart:
FlutterDash :hug:
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