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The Best Teacher Ever

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Thanks everyone !

:iconcelestiagrinplz::iconsaysplz: "Magic should never be too hard for anyone. Another well deserved A+!"

Happy Celestia Day!

Princess Celestia... the pony who brought all of Equestria and its land altogether. Her day has finally come as we are also brought with the arrival of the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June!
With her being the biggest ruler of all the land, she has really taught us that there is always room for fun to be had with your job as well. I just LOVED her most recent apperance in season 8  and I am so, so, SO excited to see 
more episodes dedicated to her! Celestia's personality is perfect and she is, and always will be there for anyone. :heart: :heart:
Arrow left Arrow left Celestia Day is Wednesday, June 20th!

Celestia happy Princess Celestia (laugh) plz Princess Celestia 

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.

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*I soon came walking into the Class Room, looking all Bloodyed, as my left hand was Completely smashed*.
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"Hey, Celestia, if there was one mistake you made in your lifetime, one thing you wish you could change or do differently, what would it be?"
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MLP Princess Celestia (Super Cereal) Plz :iconsaysplz: "I never seem to give my guards enough appreciation for what they do." 
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Thanks very much too!

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No problem, keep it up. :)
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Everyone gets an A+? With a teacher like her, how did Sunburst ever flunk out of magic school?
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Until she got Sunburst, things didn't go as planned for him maybe? XD
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Best sun horse!
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you did her so beautifully, i'd love to have her as a teacher :D
happy Celestia Day ;)
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Thank you so much. ^u^
Happy Celestia Day too!!

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One says you should never stare directly at the sun, but gosh... she's just that beautiful and it's SO worth it! XD

Celestia is pleased 
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Who doesn't want that Sunbooty :horny: revamp :horny: revamp :horny: revamp 
Why are her eyes so grey? They look almost... dead. Didn't you forget to finish them?
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Uhhh... they're not grey. XD 
Have you even seen my other artwork on how I do the eyes?
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awww so cute  happy celestia day celestia
hugs you nice artwork buddy
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Thank u much buddy.

Princess Celestia 
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