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Story Time Starlight !

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Thanks Everyone!

:iconstarlightcuteplz:  :iconsaysplz: "Sooo Daring Do is this pegasus that goes onto adventures all over Equestria?"

Rainbow Dash (yeah evil) plz  
:iconsaysplz: "Yep! Don't tell anypony this, but her adventures ARE a reality."

Request for: :iconsaneman1:

More Starlight! I'm sure she would be really into these AMAZING books. Although, I hope she can learn not to use her magic 
if she wants to be a pony like Daring Do!

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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So, is this Starlight's room at Twilight's castle, or Rainbow Dash's room at her home?
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*joining reading area* don’t mind me *both see the cover of my book is how to kill master minds and became x men for dummies
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I really wonder how that will go. XD
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I bought it in on Coles books website
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The books are "how to make glass clear crystal meth" by walter white
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Your comments sometimes... I don't even. XD
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Starlight: so Rainbow Dash, you're saying you've actually met Daring Do for real, right?
Rainbow Dash: oh yeah! it was the best day ever! i got my chance to hang out with her, save the day and kick butt with her. she's a living legend!
Starlight: well, from what i can tell from the book, she does sound like the interesting type of pony *she smiles*
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We need more bonding with each of the Mane 6 with Starly. X3
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yeah, we sure do
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"Soooo, Daring Do is this pegasus tha goes onto adventures all over Equestria?" Starlight asked the blue pegasus.
"Yep!" she replied before getting close to the pinkish unicorn. "Don't tell anypony this, but her adventures ARE a reality." she told her with lower tone. Starlight looked at her with a funny face.
"Uh... Right. You can really immerge quite easily in these stories." she told her.
"Huh N-no! Not like that!" she replied back.
"W-what do you mean?" Starlight asked in confusion.
"She is really living those adventures! I mean... really, really." she told with a serious face. Starlight didn't know how to react.
"R-right! Um, I-I can see that when I'm reading this." she feigned acknowledging. Rainbow looked at her with raised eyebrow. "What?"
"You are messing with me, right?"
"W-what? No! No!" I... I really..." she stumbled on her words, before letting out a sigh. "I can't take it anymore! I understand that you love that series as much as..."
"My own wings."
"Huh? Aren't exaggerating?"
"I nearly trade my friend Fluttershy for a first edition." she said calmly. The unicorns widened in surprise. "So, yeah I love them that much."
"I would more say crazy, but... let stay with love, then."
"You don't believe don't you?" she asked her with narrowed eyes.
"About what? That her adventures are real?" she replied back. Rainbow kept staring at her. "Seriously?" the asked back, but Dash raised a eyebrow. "Rainbow, I read spell somewhere that allow a character from a book to come alive."
"Huh? No! She...." the blue pegasus begin before passing her hoof across her face. "She is real! Daring Do is real!" Starlight was the one staring back now.
"So, about that spell..."
"NO SPELL!" she shouted, startling the unicorn. "I will introduce you to the most daring, bold, courageous and adventurous mare you will ever m-"
"Rainbow Dash!" Twilight cut her when she came into the library. "Are you trying to tell her what I think?"
"Uh.... No?" she sheepishly replied her back. Wish made Twilight groaned.
"We promised her to never tell anypony!"
"Anypony about who?" Starlight asked back, confused. Both stared at her.
"About... nopony."
"You mean Daring Do? Wait! She is real? Really, really real?" the pink unicorn asked excitingly.
"Yes! And yes!" Rainbow answered. Twilight simply facehoofed.
"That's very cool." the unicorn said.
"So, next time she'll call me I'll..." the excited pegasus began.
"But I'll pass." she calmly told her back. Rainbow's jaw could have broken the floor.
"W-w-w-what?!" she asked her in disbelief. "W-w-w-why would you do that?"
"I guess that Starlight is not as much as a fan as you, Rainbow."
"Or you Twilight."
"Huh?" the purple mare replied.
"I prefer studying magic in peace and I'm enjoying calm times with my friends. I already had my dose of excitement in the past." Starlight explained. "I'm happy for you that you've met your hero, though." Rainbow deflated.
"B-but you like her books, right?" she asked her.
"Yes. They are fun to read. But I prefer..."
"Hey Twilight! Mayor Mare called us for something about the next festival." Spike appeared from the other room.
"I'll be there Spike. Now if you excuse me, I'll see you later." Twilight told her friends before following her dragon assistant. Rainbow looked at Starlight with a grin.
"What?" she questioned her.
"Did Twilight ever tried that spell you told me?"
"What sp- Oh. Uh, yeah." she said with a lowered voice. "Well... One time I surprised her using it on a romance novel and..."
"THAT WAS JUST ONE TIME! ONE SINGLE TIME!!!!" Twilight shouted back from the other room.

Lovely work
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That is sooo good! Love your story!
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Thank you so much. I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

Also, I wrote it because I suspect Twilight actually did it more than once. "I was just a practice!" she may say.

Yeah, right.
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Yeah Twilight... JUST a practice? Practices can be done more than once you know...
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That's why I said "Yeah, right."
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Gosh... your writing skills are so, so perfect! I really want to consider you to create amazing stories! ^u^

I thank you so, so much and a cute/funny story too. X3
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I'm very flatted believe me, but I'm very far to be a perfect writer. I read a couple of fanfics and now! that was writing! This is more a rough of a story. It would need a lot of edit with errors, bit more emotions, description, verbs and adjectives. I'm not hard on myself, I just know my level. But I guess that my ADHD kinda help there to come up with ideas. Also, I suspect this kind of scene would actually happen in the show sooner or later.

Heh. You come up with scenes, so it's easier to come up with a story. BTW, I like Glim. And I bet Twi used that spell more than once.

MLP Twilight Sparkle (Seriously?) Plz :iconsaysplz: Seriously? I'm single you know. What do you expect?
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Awww... but you should give it a shot on fimfiction website. I'm sure some would love it. ^^

Daaaw I love u Twily. X3
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There are already thousands there! And I'm not capable of writing very long stories. Grades as proof. I prefer shorter ones.
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I mean writing short stories. Of course I like reading long stories. Heck, I read FA:E.
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Great job drawing them in the new movie style. And by the way...

:iconstarlightsnobbishplz: : Don't worry, Ms. Yearling. Your secret identity is safe with me.

Squishy Daring Do Icon : No worries, Starlight. I trust you. Any friend of Rainbow Dash's is a friend of mine and I trust them. And I like how you can fly without wings using that magic spell. But the magic glow is a distraction; not good for camouflage.

:iconstarlightsnobbishplz: : (smiling) Yeah, it has its weaknesses. :)
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