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Thanks everyone !

:iconoctaviasmileplz: :iconsaysplz: "I'm so glad the Ponyig makes life so much easier." 

Happy Vinyl and Octavia Day!

These two music lovers sure have a HUGE fan base! Soon it will be the day to celebrate just that as it will be the day just for Vinyl and Octavia.
Little did we know that they would ever get a up-front appearance in the show, but as soon as Slice of Life came by, the hype was REAL! Celebrate this day,
as with all pony days with these two characters by listening to your favorite of music, or just appreciating these two.
Arrow left Arrow left Vinyl and Octavia Day is Monday, May 28th!

MLP Vinyl Scratch (Smug) Plz MLP Octavia (Smug) Plz 

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.

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Octavia: Good morning, Vinyl. What big headlines fill the papers today?

Vinyl: Ehh. Nothing major, Tavi.

Octavia: "Nothing major?" So the fact that all Elements of Harmony were recovered doesn't count as the ultimate milestone? *giggle*

Vinyl: Well, it was no surprise that we would succeed. Not with Mario and Twilight leading the way! Hehehehehe!

Octavia: Well, I'm glad that your faith was well-placed, Lady Wubsalot. You know how I get when you go off into the unknown and battle against fate, the elements, and those who'd stop at nothing to destroy Equestria. I can't stand thinking about you getting hurt...

Vinyl: Yeah... I know it upsets ya, Tavi. But look at what we've accomplished! The Elements are back, Alighast is dust, the Bat Ponies are free... I'm just thinking about how great life's gonna be now that the hard parts are behind us!

Octavia: ...until some other maniac stomps their way across the land, taking advantage of our complacent attitudes.

Vinyl: C'mon, Octavia. It's not like there's some dapper mad-stud preparing an evil spell to bathe the world in green fire and dark magic! Hoo, that'd stink!

Octavia: ...Yes. That would. But never mind me. I'm glad you're all okay... especially you, my little wubcake.~

Vinyl: Tavi…~
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Vinyl Scratch: Hi, Tavi'!

Octavia: Good morning, Vinyl. What's the news?

Vinyl Scratch: It said was several ponies caused troubles in Ponyville's streets before the wedding, yesterday. I wonder who could do that...

Octavia: *giggle* Troubles...
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Hugs for you!!!

Twilight and Starlight Hug Icon 
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Good morning, you two! Get ready quick, the world needs more CELLO-STEP!
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I'm imagining something along the lines of the song "Eldorado" by Dave Rodgers.
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Ohhhh that sounds perfect!
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Another day, another celebration for my favorite background pony duo.
These two are better than Lyra and Bon-Bon in my opinion.
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They seem like the more popular of the background ponies surprisingly. Here I thought that Derpy was the MOST popular BG pony. 

MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif 
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Individually Derpy is the most popular. As a duo, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are up there with Lyra and Bon-Bon.
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Happy Vinyl and Octavia day,you two!
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Today is a LOUD day for these two. XD

MLP Octavia (Smug) Plz 
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a VERY loud day,indeed
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Awww, this is so sweet! :aww: I love absolutely everything about this pic! The way you drew them (they look so cute), the background, details, everything. <3
Wonderful job, honey! :huggle: :heart:

Also, Happy Vinyl and Octavia Day!!
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Thank u, thank u, thank u sweetie!!! X3

:huggle: :heart:
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But wait, Vinyl isn't cleaning the dishes with wubs!
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Not this time. :33
-F2U- Vinyl Scratch Avatar 
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Awweee yeah!!!! Seeing these two work together though is key for the most EPIC music. :heart:

MLP Vinyl Scratch (Happy 2) Plz 
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