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Horse Hockey -- Hearths Warming Folio 2016


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Thank you so much!

spike (c'mon) plz  :iconsaysplz: "Alright... once this hockey puck lands... It... is... on!"

Requested by: :iconcasimusprime:

Ahhh yes. What a perfect day for some hockey for this time of year!
Who do you think would win? Applejack or Rainbow Dash?

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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I think with them having a tie would cause even more of a competition. XD
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Well, that’s Rainbow and Applejack.
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Rainbow Dash is extremely fast and sporty. She will win easily.
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MAKE IT CANON HASBRO! (shakes the Hasbro logo) and I found this funny…
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I think they're having a very ice day
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Yep an ice pun and that's snow joke
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Rogue: My bets is on AJ.
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It took some time to have any reference to hockey in this show. Especially from a canadian company with a hockey team in town (Vancouver Canucks). And even baseball this year. Buckball is pretty similar to Basketball on some way. They should tie down Dash's wings. Just in case.

Wonderful work
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I think we did in Winter Wrap up....... I think... I can't remember.

Thanks so much too. ^^
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My pleasure. It was in "Tanks for the Memories". Not a lot of winter scene in the show. They should do more.
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I think we saw Horse Hockey a little bit earlier than that though too.
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Nah. It was mostly skating.
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Titan: *in the background wearing hockey gear* I play winner!
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you chose the jersey colors for any reason, in particular, <implinig you made a Habs vs Leafs referinse
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I can totally see these two playing it and also Spike being a judge. x3 It fits them all so well. I would love to see an episode about it (I miss AppleDash episodes so much)...
I love the details on their uniforms! This is very well drawn, sweetheart! :heart::huggle:
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Awwwww thanks so much it means a lot my cutie.

:huggle: :heart:
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looks cool rainbow seems that is gonna win
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