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Hide n' Seek



Scootaloo (Squee) Plz :iconsaysplz: "Best hiding spot yet!"

Apple Bloom (Worried) Plz :iconsaysplz: "Shhhhh!! I think they heard us!"

Requested by: :iconsmspotlights:

I'd also like to give this as a gift to my close friend of mine for his birthday...


Please wish him a happy birthday! <3


Just some Crusader, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon fun! Today these cute fillies decided to play a little bit of hide n' seek!
It looks like the Crusaders are about to get spotted though.

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Sweetie Belle: I know I never mentioned this, but I've always loved the smell of Diamond Tiara's perfume... Ah... It always smells so clean. Is it some kind of plant? Maybe apricots?

Apple Bloom: Number one: SHHHH! Number 2: How do ya even now what an "a-pri-cot" smells like?

Sweetie Belle: Not the point, Apple Bloom. Diamond's perfume just smells like heaven, and I don't even know why...

Diamond Tiara: *Looking on* (Y'know, I should let them know they've been spotted, but this is just GOLD.Laugh )

Scootaloo: Okay, MY turn... I... always wanted to see what Silver Spoon's mane would look like unbraided.

Apple Bloom: Hey, put a lid on it, fellas! Ah think they can hear us!

Scootaloo: Mmmm… Just think how Silver's smooth, silky hair would look, just blowing in the wind like a hero's cape! I wish, just once...~

Silver Spoon: *Quietly gasps, blushes* Oh, wow... I-Is she serious??? Does she really think my mane would look good without my braid???

Diamond Tiara: No. Not yet, Silvie. The world is unprepared.

Scootaloo: What?! Aw, geez...!

Sweetie Belle: How long have you two been standing there???

Diamond Tiara: Enough to hear what you said about my perfume, and Silver's good looks. We're flattered, lemme tell you.

Silver Spoon: It's good you three are, like, the worst hiders ever. If not, we wouldn't have heard what you had to say! And Scootaloo… I totally don't know what to say...~