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Hi... What's Your Name?

Requested by: :icondashiemlpfim:

I couldn't express enough of how CUUUTE this came out!!! ^^
If you're wondering about cutiemarks, this was a little bit before they got them after they met each other.


Hope you enjoyed the artwork for today!

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Sooooo adorable!

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I would have been interesting if they actually Did meet once as Cutie Mark-less Foals, but then didn't see each other until the events of the first EQG Movie, like it was destiny or something.
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and nowadays... they never even mention Flash in FiM. XD
I Know Right?!

I mean the Least they could have done was have him make even a Small Cameo in the Crystalling 2-Parter!
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May I use this for a project I'm working on? I'll give you the credit for the pic
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Awww....... they are sooooo cute. ^-^
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Thanks sooo much. ^^
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Your soooo welcome. :)
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can i make a base out of this??
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You sure can! Just be sure to give me the credit. ^^

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Oh my that is super adorable. :O
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Thanks ever so much. 

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Flash: Hey, good morning the news. What is your name?

Twilight: I ... I'm Twilight... Twilight Sparkle... enchant.

Flash: You is the pupil of the princess Celestia? Cool!

Twilight: Thank you... exactly, I have to go see her.

Flash: Ok, I'll see you later. *he goes* (Very cute this filly)

Celestia: Good norning Twil... Eh?!
Twilight are you sick? you is all red.

Twilight:No, princess! It's just a pleasant meeting.
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 ‘Twilight Sparkle... enchant‘?

also Grammar 
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I know, tell me often...
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