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Happy Memorial Day 2017 !

rainbow dash (super awesome) plz  :iconsaysplz: "Equestria's Wonderbolts are ALWAYS proud to serve!" 

Flag of the USA Flag of the USA Flag of the USA Flag of the USA Flag of the USA 

Happy Memorial Day 2017 everyone! 

Hopefully my weather clears up eventually because I'm really looking forward to a cookout by the house and just celebrating the relaxing type of way. 
In all regards though... this day was brought to us to make remembrance with the brave men and women who are fighting for our freedom. 

God bless the United States and god bless our military personnel!

MLP Rainbow Dash (Wink) Plz 

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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You did an awesome work, once again! :highfive:

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Wow, the effects on this one are stunning! <3 I absolutely love how you did it! These two are definitely the best Wonderbolts, well, along with Soarin. ^^
Great and fitting pic for the Memorial Day, hun! :huggle::heart:
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Thank u, thank u! X3

:huggle: :heart:

Rainbow Dash Licking gif 
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To our fallen brothers and comrades. God Bless the United States of America and our allies.
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Excellent salute private Dashie! x3
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Thank you ma'am!
This is wonderful, Justin! I bet Spitfire and Rainbow Dash are saluting not just for Equestria but for the mare and stallions that fought for Equestria even the very first Wonderbolts that retired but continued to fight with the Equestrian armies and went overseas. Although some of them are no longer with the Wonderbolts and died from their injuries or killed by bombs or whatever, they fought for Equestria. Happy Memorial Day, everypony!
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HOOAH to Equestria's finest!!!

Rainbow Dash (salute) plz 
Yes indeed! We shall remember all the brave mares and stallions that fought for Equestria. I salute you!Officer Nick Wilde - Icon 
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A tall, proud salute to you too! ^u^

Rainbow Dash (salute) plz 
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I salute you too Equestria Daily. X3

Rainbow Dash (salute) plz Flag of the USA 
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