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Thanks so much!

:iconsweetiebelle-fim: :iconsaysplz: "Um... can you scratch my ear again?" ~ :heart:

This idea certainly has been in my head for quite a long time and I decided to finally make it happen. ^u^
We must have more adorable human and pony artwork. <3

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Awww, look. She's taping her hind hoof!

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Sure (gives her ear a gently scratch) Love you Sweetie Belle.
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*pets her* you're just the sweetest little thing! :heart:

(just don't get her on her bad side. it won't end well)
ShutterflyEQD's avatar
and ohhh my gosh... it ain't pretty. XD
Pikachueviaseedling's avatar
*pets Sweetie* SO CUTE!!
kcsalyer23's avatar
Who's a good little filly?
ShutterflyEQD's avatar
Coochie coochie coo coo!!! X3
kcsalyer23's avatar
you are,sweetie!
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That's my Sweetie! Good girl!
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Sweetie Belle (giggling) :iconsaysplz: "Belly rubs!!!" ~ :heart: 
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Sure thing, precious!

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3 slaves owned. 6.999.999.998 left
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and that's the reason  I like the unicorns the most from other types of ponies *pets Sweetie Belle gently* who's a good filly yo are  yes you  
ShutterflyEQD's avatar
Sweetie is just undoubtedly the cutest Crusader! :heart:

Sweetie Belle's Teddy bear 
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You sure are an adorable little Pony Sweetie *Pets Sweetie affectionately*
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Good girl, Sweetie Belle! *pets her*
JibberJams's avatar
You like that, Sweetie Belle? Because I'm tempted to take it as a yes, since you're patting your leg like a bunny.

..............Okay. Now where are those friends of yours? I'll get them too... EVIL Laughter! 
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