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Cutie Mark Crusader Day 2017 !

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Thanks everyone!

Sweetiebelle (smile) plz :iconsaysplz: "As you can see by this graph, ponies all around have had a lot of success over the past few years."

MLP Apple Bloom (Happy) Plz 
 :iconsaysplz: "...and it's all because of us! Notice the  big leap in numbers from 2015 to 2017!"

MLP Apple Bloom (Cute Smile) Plz sweetiebelle (No) plz MLP Scootaloo (Squee0 Plz 

Happy Cutie Mark Crusader Day 2017 !

This year marks the first, OFFICIAL, Cutie Mark Crusader day! These three amazing fillies sure have grown over the past few seasons after receiving their cutie marks just only 2 years ago.
They're continuing to make a difference in the world of Equestria and finding a blank flanks purpose in life... no matter what it takes!

Rejoice and celebrate this day in a way you can help someone you care about in your life... or perhaps find out their purpose in life!
Lets all make a difference on this first CMC day !

Arrow left Arrow left CMC Day is on November 20th this year!

Applebloom and scootaloo (brohoof) #2 plz 

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Three geniuses in the first steps of world domination.
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Just look at those devious plans!! XD
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You make us proud, little gals!
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Gosh... so much progression, but Scootaloo. We got to hear more about her family! :heart:
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Aw they come a long way cute and adorbale work on them
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Awwww, yes, you three came such a long, long way and I'm SO proud of you! <3 <3 I absolutely adore how you're helping fillies get their cutiemarks. ^u^
This is sooo adorable, hun, wonderful job, love it so very much! :huggle::heart:
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Thankies, thankies!!! ^u^

:huggle: :heart:
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A shame that I've missed out on their big day, but still...

These three have come a LOOOOOOOONG way! Happy (belated) CMC Day, fillies! =D

Also, I'm still debating who shall be my favorite Crusader?
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Sweetie Belle will stay my favorite. ^u^

Who is your favorite too?
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At first, I believed that I'd have a three-way tie.

But, chances are I might lean over to Applebloom's side.
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I'm so proud of you girls!!  :squee:  :heart:
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These cuties always know what's up whenever it comes to cutie marks! :heart:

Applebloom (cutie mark) plz 
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Happy anniversary,cutie mark crusaders!

Happy cmc day,Justin!
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Thanks so, so much too!
It sure was an amazing one! ^u^
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Man I can't believe that was honestly two years ago! I hadn't even moved to Portland yet.

Still kind of annoyed that they didn't each get their own mark. Like they could have all got them at the same time (like the Mane 6) but couldn't they be personalized. Ah fudge it. They're fine. And at least this way they can crusade on the behalf of everypony else to get their marks. No harm.
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They just had to have all three of them get it at the same time. After all... they're almost like family to each other. ^u^
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