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Crusading Is Magic !


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Thank you so much!

:iconexcitedapplebloomplz: :iconsaysplz: "Who's ready to learn Friendship?!"

Requested by: :iconnightshadowmlp:

Now THIS is a side-series worth watching! It certainly could be the future addition to the show the way I see it. Either this, or
just a Cutie Mark Crusader side-series show. :3

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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As those wonder if silver-spoon was turned into an unicorn when diamond tiara and babs seed had been turned into pegasuses. As in the past apple bloom was drawn as an alicorn when those wonder what happened to scootaloo's wings.

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This is YAY material. :D
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You know what's funny? Seeing this picture of Silver Spoon as a Unicorn made me remember what I had in mind for a story.

Silver Spoon was really a Unicorn, but her horn was the size of a small pimple, rendering her unable to use magic. It was a rare birth defect that prevented the horn from growing to the needed size for magic. In effect, she was a "dwarfhorn," so she hid it under her canon hairstyle to cover it up.

How does that sound?
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That is quite an interesting idea... although never heard of something like it. XD
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First time for everything...
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And Silver Spoon's a unicorn... and Diamond's a pegasus....and...and...and...

love.  hate.  clouds.  *faint*
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What's Applebloom the princess of?
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I love this piece. It looks really good.
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Applebloom (cutie mark) plz  : now i'm ur princess
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More like CMC friendship is magic.
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Me: Ok Starlight Glimmer, did you travel back in time to change the future, again?
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You did, didn't you.
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