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Bad Hair Day

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Applejack (Aw Shucks!) Plz  :iconsaysplz: *SNORT* "I... is that you Twilight?"

Requested by:  :iconbrony250:

Apple Bloom had a bad hair day today and therefore she went to the barber to get it fixed up, but she didn't know it was
the barber's first day on the job! Luckily the barber pony had another solution... giving Apple Bloom the barber's favorite mane cut style!

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Apple Bloom: Don't. Say. A. Word."
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you look great,applebloom!
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She really does! X3
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Oh cheer up, AB, it's honestly not that bad.
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When it's Twily's style... you can never go wrong. x3
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Indeed.  It could have been worse: the barber could have taken too much off the top, if you get my meaning.
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"It's okay, kiddo, I'll fix that right up and make you look just like a princess!"

"Oh, COOL- waaaait, which princess are we talkin' about here-?"
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Oh, poor Applejack's tearing up to try not laughing, until big mac roars out laughing. ;)
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Meanwhile... Big Mac is out in the fields laughing his flank off. XD
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Maybe its just me but i find bed hair girls very cute ^^
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It's just perfect for her. x3
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I don't know what Apple Bloom's problem is? I think she looks good like that.
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I agree so much too X3
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Aww, she looks adorable!
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You know I'm picturing Twilight's reaction when she see's Apple Bloom new mane style as well as Apple Bloom's. Can anyone else picture what sort of reaction the two will have?
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She sure will most certainly be blushing. x3
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