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A Kiss on The Clouds

Braeburn (worry) plz  :iconsaysplz: "Ohhh Soarin." ~ :heart:

Requested by: :icongj301:

I sure do ship them like this :3
What a beautiful night in Equestria too ~ <3

Thank you!

If some of you are not familiar with my work... please feel free to check my profile.
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Gay marriage? Yes. We're all equal.  
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You know, strangely, i find this cute XD
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This shipping has actually no proof to exist (not that I need proof to ship xD)
Buuuuuuuut I still ship it like nothing else in Equestria xD Soarin You'd Be Talking To Me Emoticon. Pink Heart Icon Braeburn  
Just way too cute!!!!! 
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Thank uuuu! x3

Soarin Really? Emoticon. 
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This thing is in DeviantBroniesElite? What kind of bullshit Earth do I leave on? Why does this even exist?
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Not mad, dissapointed that such trash exists.
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Ok rabid brony calm down... you will get your way someday. XDD

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Unfortunatly, I won't. People like you will always be present, to defend your "freedom". All my comments are, is text, that will not change a single thing. Last thing? Back at ya.
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Ohh rabid brony is triggered. XDD

You're SOOO hurtful rabid brony. XDDD
Its YOU rabid bronies that need to grow the f up and stop acting like a little 12 year old and complaining about everything.

I blocked u... come at me... oh wait u can't. XDD

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I do like gay shippings
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They sure are cute every now and then x3
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Soarin: Ohhhh, Braeburn.
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Cannon, isn't it obvious? Soarin likes applepie and when Applejack tells him to go to Appaloosa, he goes and finds the pony responsible for baking a delicious pie, he notices Breaburn and talked to him saying if he made the apple pie, he answered yes and suddenly he asked him if he could come by.

You finish the rest Shutterfly.
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Writing is what I do best lol
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It's up, all my My Little Pony stories and check out the latest chapter and chapter fourth chapter 
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Unexpected couple. :) I'd definitely like to see them together in one episode. :3 And OMG that background is wonderful!! :la:
Amazing job, hun! :huggle::heart:
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