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PC Specifications

>>Intel Core i7 5820K (6-Core Processor)
>>Asus X99A Motherboard
>>16GB DDR3 G-Skill RipJaws RAM
>>60GB SSD
>>1000-Watt EVGA SuperNova power supply


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  Hearthswarming may be quite a ways away, but lets all be happy that this special is much closer to that very date! I remember hearing about this special earlier in the year, and there wasn't really much said about it besides that it is a pretty relaxed Hearthswarming special. The synopsis only told us so much, but it seems like everypony is going to be coming together, figuring out the perfect gift to get for this Hearthswarming! One of the best things about these holiday specials is the music that comes with it. I'm really hoping for quite a bit of new holiday music from this special and hoping that everypony makes their decision that family and friends are the best gift anyone could ever have. This is a 45-minute special, so prepare yourselves for a special filled with holiday cheer!


  Gift giving is a difficult thing every year for everyone, but we always must remember that being there with each other is the thing that matters the most. Each of the ponies had to pick from a hat and decide on what to get their pony that they picked from it. I'm surprised that they didn't immediately spark and figure out right away. Twilight and her friends have known each other for so long, you would think that they would all understand what to get each other. Someponies have already had gift ideas made, but there were some bumps along the way. Flim and Flam were certainly not helping this Hearths Warming. These two continue to be manipulative and really are never going to change, even for the holidays. It's very unfortunate that all of this had to happen for everypony, but it made this special a lot more entertaining. Spike and Rarity was pretty strong for this one too. I really hoped for both of them to end up finding gift for one another, but the moments with these two were just as good! I almost forgot that the reindeer were another awesome addition to this big special! I feel we we see them more in the future! The beautiful song near the end that he sang and the group song in general though was the icing on top of the Hearths Warming pudding... yep... I'm still wondering where all that pudding could have went, although they did have Fluttershy's gift in the castle gulping it all down.


  One of the best things about this special is that everypony got a lot of screen time! My only question is though... why couldn't they have added Starlight into the fun? It's quite confusing, but it seems like there wouldn't be enough time to add her in. Since she didn't necessarily appear with a role or anything, at least we got to see her relaxing this Hearthswarming with Trixie in her wagon. The most entertaining part in this special to me was totally Derpy! Season 5 was the last time we heard her with a voice and it's so great to finally see her being so silly again explaining to ponies about problems with lost packages, or packages delivered to the wrong address. Discord even appeared, and even with a grand entrance being a candle! Here's to say I wouldn't blame Discord entirely for the destruction of Twilight's castle because it seems like he forgot that those tiny chinchilla's turn into a chinzilla at sunset. Typical Discord... testing the ponies again.


  Family and friends are the best gift that anyone could ever ask for. 

Season 9 arriving next year !
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((Best Gift Ever episode link is up on my Twitter!))

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--Life Update January 2019 ~

My artwork has been in a stand still for awhile now and I'd just like to share a bit about what has been going on recently within my artwork.

I have been dealing with a lot more important things with my real life girlfriend getting her back on her feet and situations that I do not like to discuss, but all I can say is that we have been through a lot. My artwork will continue to be on a stand still until these important things are fixed and we get situated as well. Until then, just keep checking back for new artwork.

Thanks !
Majestic Kirin
Now Featured on Equestria Daily!
Thanks everyone !

Lets face it... Autumn Blaze is best kirin.
Kirin in general is one of the best additions to the show. :3

Autumn Blaze grinning 

Thank you!

I'm a part-time MLP artist and I love what I do. Please check my Deviant Art for more!
 :) (Smile) 

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((OOC: MLP Season 9 Update: Big news! Season 9 of MLP now has a release date! Season 9 will launch on April 6! Oh man, I can't wait for this! I am the hype!))
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