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    So Rockhoof gets an episode dedicated to himself? I'd say he certainly deserves it whenever he did save an entire town of ponies that were about to witness devastation from molting lava. Even though we only know Rockhoof as a very brave and heroic pony, just what could he be as of today? He can still be very much heroic, but what are the chances of him standing out in today's modern Equestrian society? Equestria is much safer as far as we know, and things have changed a lot compared to a thousand years ago. There are a lot more things to explore and much more to do now that everything here is a lot safer. Will Rockhoof manage the new, modern era very well, or will he want to go back to the past? Lets do a bit of exploring and just see how well he manages these days in new Equestria!


    Not fitting in has got too be the worst feeling ever. This was a very relatable episode and I'm so glad that it really does teach important values of the ins and outs about yourself and reaching out to others if times are tough. As stated before... more heroes at much needed at this point in Equestria, but they always do matter. I'd imagine if anypony was in danger around him, he would be the first pony to leap into that danger. Each of the pillars of Equestria have a major role and/or job. I was quite surprised that even Applejack didn't bring up anything about farming. This is honestly the first thing I would of thought about, considering that he already has his shovel. Maybe every now and then Applejack will scoop him up just for a quick farm run of some sort... we would have to see! Rockhoof should also understand that he has many, many friends in the modern Equestria to support him, and I'm so glad that he does! If it wasn't for Twilight and the others, Rockhoof would of never found his calling.


    Was really happy to see more of these 6 students! Especially since they would fit in perfectly because they are still quite young after all and love all of that fierce action! Rockhoof may not of been the best of teacher, but he really put a lot of emphasis during his storytelling. It was really funny to see just how much destruction he could cause from one story, though I'm glad it ended sooner because that whole classroom was nearly destroyed. I can totally see Yona looking up to Rockhoof almost like a father. They seem to have almost the same personality after all! Yaks and... well... Rockhoof loves to destroy things! Each of these different pillar ponies had incredible jobs. Mistmane's especially... I can only imagine what the Crystal Empire is going to look like during our next visit. Everything she is doing there is looking like one of the most beautiful parts of Equestria!


    Rockhoof is now an idol to all of modern Equestria. His stories are a lot of fun and his acting in them isn't half bad!


What Lies Beneath

The students at Twilight's School of Friendship are cramming for an exam on the History of Magic in Equestria in the school library when they discover a part of the school that no other ponies know about.

It seems like we may be going on an adventure with the Student 6! Although, will this secret part of school be a bad idea in the first place?

((A Rockhoof and a Hard Place episode link is up on my Twitter!))

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Drenched Rarity
Season 8, Episode 21. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place

TIME TAKEN: 3 hours

MLP Rarity (Angry) Plz  :iconsaysplz: "UGH... now i'm all wet!"

Pretty dark episode if you understand the direction that it was taking. Though, I am SO glad that Rockhoof has found his purpose!

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RPGs have become my favorite genre for the reasons I listed. I know it's easier to write a one-way fanfic, but that's too easy and closed-ended for my taste. I relish the challenge of making a story where different things can happen based on the decisions of you, the player. Undertale's been a huge inspiration for that, by the way.
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