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The Great And Powerful Band Of Trixie

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And the rest was pony rock history

(forgive me for the mistakes, namely Roseluck's horn etc XD)

(fixe'd some of them)
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spike's reaction is priceless!
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You also forgot Minuette's horn.
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Trixie, Ditzy, Lyra, Octavia and Vinyl are a rock band. Sure, why not, amusing idea.
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Okay, lots going on, not a lotta time to explain 'em, so here's ten:


1. Air vent's blowing up Trixie's tail, and gravity pushed Derpy's body down before her tail during her fresh session of crowd-surfing, hence the well-defined plots they have.

2. Speaking of the crowd-surfing, Pinkie has no idea of the danger she's in, but is probably thinking about how fun that looks.

3. Scootaloo wants the mic, but Apple Bloom's keeping her down while enjoying the show.

4. Spike's mad because he was left on a stool at the back of the crowd while Twilight moved to the front to get the best view.

5. Bon Bon's totally fawning over Lyra's performance... or maybe just over Lyra.

6. Pony at the far bottom-left is so content with the show. Just... so... normal... o_o

7. Vinyl's assumed to be levitating her keyboard, but there's no magical aura around her horn, or the keyboard, so this may be questioned.

8. Critical pony on the top-left's got that "not sure if want" face goin' on.

9. OC-Pony named "Butterscotch" is being protected from the incoming Derpy-Bomb.

10. If you look close (And I know some of you are!), the bottom of Trixie's tail is slightly detatched from her plot. Ouch...


And that's all. MUFFINS AWAY!

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You can see blue sparkles around vinyl's keyboard
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e.e the air conditioning is blowing at trixies ass
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Let me guess. Their genre is power metal? ;)
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I see a chicken trying to get the microphone.
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I can't get "Welcome to the Jungle" out of my head!
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Quite a party ... Great expressions ... The butts look too humanized ... Make this into clop and the pervs will be pleased.
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So... much... plot...
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Wat in the absolute flying actual fuck is up with their asses? Good job for misrepresenting the fandom as a bunch of pony pedos artist, thanks a lot...
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oh jeez calm down. As they go, this is pretty tame, as well as a pretty obscure one. Honestly if people wanted to present us as "pony pedos", then they'd just go for an out and out porn picture. I agree that their asses are a little...much, but live and let live, just ignore those that would insult us.
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Lyra Hendrix and the Band of Trixies
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I love that Vinyl is levitating the keyboard. That's really clever and cute!
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Oh you silly Derpy.
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OK, this is 3 things.



And sexy.

Faving now.
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