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What is this Chop-Chop? It's nothing scary or sinister, I won't steal your bookmarks, pillow cases, or your first born chicken.

At the beginning of each week, you'll be notified via journal that it's time to get your Chop on.

Chop-Chopping is simply having a browse at the submissions in the Chop-Chop folder. While browsing through them, you choose your five favourite photos.

Once you've chosen your five favourites, you send a note to the club called "Chop-Chop" with the name of the photographer (not the photo's name!). You have until Thursday to send in your note. Then you can go back to saving the world from nanotechnology blobs.

Then What?
What's Next?

Nothing for you, your work here is done!:iconpandaballoonplz:

The Next part is quite simple when I'm not tired, for every other day of the year it's a little confuddling, but it is filled with rusty mangoes and a strong scent of apples.

On a good day, I collate and tally up all your votes. On a bad one, I sink below the desk in a globular mass for a snooze where I dream of spring rolls.

After the tally is in order, your top handful of choices will be added to the "2015" folder. Then you'll receive a journal letting you know the results of your Chopping choices, with a few features thrown in for good measure.

See? Snot so scary after all.

Luv ya like a lard bath,
More Journal Entries


Complete affiliate list, contests, and contest winners:
Through door #3:…
:iconart-for-the-soul: Art-for-the-Soul Collecting art of all kinds. :iconphotoriginal: PhotOriginal :iconnature-club: Nature-Club Club for all Nature lovers :iconanalog-shots: Analog-Shots Dedicated to film photography :iconfelinefans: felinefans

Submissions Brief

More over there:…

:bulletblue: One deviation per member per month.
:bulletblue: Laced with chocolate.
:bulletblue: Submit to Gallery, not Favourites.
:bulletblue: Photography category only.
:bulletblue: Cookie for being good.

:target: Denied :target:
Was your photograph denied? DON'T PANIC! It could mean a few different things:

:bulletred: Textures/brushes were added;
:bulletred: It's under the wrong dA category;
:bulletred: Too much HDR going on;
:bulletred: Have a read of the rules, it's all there for your viewing pleasure:…

Your Photo's Prolific Path

"Begin at the beginning, and go on till you come to the end: then stop."

:deviation:After you have submitted your deviation to "This Month's Submissions", it is then copied to a "Holding Cell" - where it will remain until Chop-Chopping time.

All submissions are collected into these monthly folders contained within the yearly folder.

Then what are the photos in the "2013" folder? I'm glad you asked...

The "2013" folder contains the top handful of your choices from the weekly Chop-Chops which are selected by you from the "Chop-Chopping" folder, which in turn is the previous week of submissions.

So to sum up, your deviation is placed here, and copied to there, then becomes a placed copy over yonder to be chopped, then some chopped placed copies get copied to hither. Clear as mud?

"If there's no meaning in it, that saves a world of trouble, you know, as we needn't try to find any."



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