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Artist's comments stamp

Because if someone wrote something about their work it's there for a reason...

This is the first time I've made a stamp so I hope it's ok. It was hard working so small.

(edit) I am gobsmacked. I knew this stamp was popular but I never realised until earlier that it was in the top 20 most popular stamps ever on dA. *faints*. That is so cool.

(whine) It's a little sad that this is my most popular deviation by such a large margin though. I wish people would look at my other stuff even though I know I'm not very good. (/whine)
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Read all of them. If they're not in English, I have no idea what they might be saying. But I can live with that.
Daphne-Brown's avatar
I always read the description, they usually make the picture even more interesting/funny/cute/weird
Geloou-x's avatar
SophiaDahlen's avatar
not if it's really long like an essay
QVxVCTxZero's avatar
I read them. Because people don't read mine and it aggravates me.
RensKnight's avatar
It definitely provides a lot of much needed context! :)
Tortive's avatar
I do sometimes.
MajikkanBeingsUnite's avatar
this is awesome!
And your other stuff is cool :meow: gonna click that squirrel now :D
rongrong12's avatar
hmm, nice one. I always thought no people pay attention with things like this, but I was wrong xD thank you for making this stamp! Although it's your first stamp, still turns out great!
NintendoFanDA's avatar
I love reading comments. For some reason, it is quite interesting. c:
Dragon-Knight02's avatar
I always did it. I love reading the artist's comment.
AimForrest's avatar
Yeah, I feel as though no one ever reads my description, they just favorite and go on their way...
Rahula87's avatar
It turned out very well for being your first stamp, i like the colours. And yes i always read artist's comments and i reply to them unless they are dumb, rude or nonsense :)
Mirria1's avatar
If it's a language I understand, I totally do.
61021376's avatar
Yeah... but in general I'm so cautious it's actually crippling :(
RiRiSqueak's avatar
I appreciatte when people read the comments because comments are like captions
but, I myself, sometimes don't read comment if I don't have much time on the computer or phone
roudrasagi's avatar
cool stamp love it~~!!
PoetBrony's avatar
How do I use this?
Essansee's avatar
Aw come on, they're still new c:
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