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[SFM] Wishes by Shutdp [SFM] Wishes by Shutdp
"So what if my wings can't get me off the ground?"

I just opened SFM to explore the map (cp_manor_event) and this idea popped up in my mind. I wanted to do something quick, and the actual making of it took me about 30 minutes. Then the time became more because of the rendering and some other tests.
First time rendering in 4K with this integrated HD graphics 3000 but it's a lot different than normal 1080p.
There are a few problems about the map, like the building without walls and the horizon, but I didn't want to work too much with it, and that was the only position I could have used to make the image.
Anyway when I finished it, after adding a little volumetric behind Rainbow Dash's model to give a bit brigher moon (just a little) without illuminating Scootaloo's model, I had this idea. There something that the eyes are missing, they don't reflect like eyes usually do. So I tried adding it with Photoshop. I'm not very good in editing images in PS, but I tried, and I kinda like the result even if there's something that doesn't convince me. I rendered a low resolution image of what the model is looking at, made a 3D sphere and made it transparent after adding a few effects, trying to reproduce the cubemaps on reflective materials. I may use that tecnique also in future renderings if needed.
If you have a few hints about something, feel free to tell me :)
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March 2, 2014
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