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[SFM] Just for you by Shutdp [SFM] Just for you by Shutdp
Okay I just.. Damn this thing is confusing me so much D:

The idea itself just came out from nowhere while I was opening SFM, and I just did it. May also be a little test on using locks for that kind of stuff (useful for clothes, hats and guns) and then this happened.
I'm not very happy about the pose, but that's the best I could get with those models, every time I work with them I just can't not notice the wrong position (in my opinion) of the "hand" bone, but anyway that's not the real problem.
The real problem is the expression. I just don't understand anything about it. My idea was some kind of embarassed smile, which is actually what I did, or at least tried.

Here comes the confusion. Aside from the fact that my friend sees that kind of expression when I sent him the image on Whatsapp (which lowers the resolution), but then when he saw the 4K version he saw an expression like "I'm embarassed, but if I get my hands on the one who made me do this, I'm gonna kill him" (his exact words). I don't see any of that, I think. I just don't get it, I see differents expressions. While the image is automatically sized to the resolution of my screen I see a sad expression if I'm looking in her eye and I see the expression I wanted if I look at her mouth. Then, if I zoom in I see multiple expression as time passes while I'm looking at it. I don't know anymore what to think, HALP PLZ D:
I'm sorry for anyone who read all of this, I just hope I'm not the only one who sees all of that shit in this thing D:
Now I'm kinda curious to know what you guys see in it. :)

Anyway, aside from the whole "confusion problem", I really like how it came out, I like it but I don't want to look at it for too much time :XD:

I'd like to thank anybody who took the time to read all that stuff, and maybe even told me if I'm just crazy or if there's really something strange about that expression :D
schorpioen007 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014
Nice ^^
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