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[SFM] Here to rescue you by Shutdp [SFM] Here to rescue you by Shutdp
I quickly slid the boxcar door shut behind me; outside the bright rectangle of light I had opened shrank and vanished back into darkness.
She was here!
“It’s about time!”  Her tail was to me as she faced a wall with three yellow boxes arranged so their butterflies were in a triangular pattern.  “I can’t very well do any good sitting in h…”   
She had turned a glance towards me and stopped.  Now she turned slowly towards me, staring.  “Oh… no…”

So yeah I started reading Fallout Equestria and I'm loving it so far. It'll take me a while to finish (the PDF is around 2000 pages, 21 days to finish it if I read about 100 a day)
This one is the recreation of a scene in the book, it gave a limited description of the environment (only said it was in a boxcar and Velvet had the three medkit/boxes thingies on the wall in front of her) so I improvised a bit, and added a small easter egg.

Overall it's a pretty simple image, but the lighting has been a bitch to work on. I tried to go the realistic way but the radius slider isn't nice with close up lighting CURSE YOU! 
It was also the first time (if I recall correctly) where I used the "hooves locked on ground" method for posing which I find very useful and I have no idea why I've never used it before. Also I mixed up Velvet Remedy's model (which also seems to have broken eye flexes) with Rarity one's to use the eyerefract shader, mainly as a test to see how it would behave in this lighting condition, then added two small lights on the pupils to make them more visible and left them in.

Had to use Photoshop on this one to do some color correction shit since SFM allows a max resolution of 2160p and I'm starting to render every picture in 4320p (8K UHD) so I couldn't use the in-engine post processing because it only shows when rendering movies and not posters :(
Innak Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016
Message from Kkat:

Beautifully done!  :heart:

I'm happy you are enjoying the story. :hug:  I love the art you have been inspired to make. :love:

:iconrarityclapplz: :iconfluttershyclapplz:
Shutdp Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Thanks :happybounce: 
Being one who doesn't like reading, I'm glad I gave it a shot. It's just so well done and has so much depth.
It even got me into the game :3
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