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[SFM/DL] Mane6 EyeRefract Models



The Enhanced version of this models is available, you can get those instead… (I wish Deviantart would fix their goddamn broken html thing but hey that's too hard)

Click download on the right to get the files
I've decided it's finally time for me to release these Meow :3 
Have fun! :happybounce: 


These are not the enhanced models, I'll update them when the actual source files will be released
Still, I left in a handy-dandy model composed of just the eyes so you can use EyeRefract with every model you want by merging them together. To do so you'll have to set the eyes of the original model to "VertexLitGeneric" and then use $alpha (float set to 0) to make them not visible.

I use this trick if I need to use the enhanced models (or any other model, like I did with LittlePip in my last pictures) but with eyerefract
If you need a tutorial for this, just ask :3

I know Fluttershy's leg is broken, but I noticed only after the whole preview pic was made, and I don't want to wait again for it to render a 4320p with 1024 samples of DoF just for that Sweating a little... 
There's a small easter egg in this picture :3

Edit: Yes I did forgot to mention that I used argodaemon's animations from the pack he released to pose them (sligthly editing them), but I did say it in my older preview which was this exact same image (I've rendered it again with the final models ofc but whatever).. heh

Edit_01: Added EyeRefract for the skins with different iris size which I forgot to do apparently, so I suggest downloading the pack again if you already have it

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