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[DL] Mane 6 Enhanced Eyerefract Models



Here you go guys, someone wanted them so I'll deliver :3
Decided to recompile :iconjuicedane: latest iteration of enhanced models to give them EyeRefract and here they are.This time I remade the iris textures so that they can be scaled manually like in :icongleboss: models. It works exactly like in his tutorial here with 24 as the max $IrisScale value instead of 22.I've removed the other skins in the models since they're now useless.


You might need JuiceDane pack for them to work (haven't tested this)
Consider these models to be in beta stage, since JuiceDane is still working on the enhanced models.
I'll remake them once he'll release the final source files or a major update arrives. 
The eyes are not perfect. Due to something in the models the eyes won't exactly look at where the viewTarget is located but slightly off. You can fix it by setting localViewTargetFactor to something around 0.3 if you plan on using the viewTarget instead of posing them manually via the eyes sliders. This will be a must if you want the models to look exactly at something (like at the camera). Plus the eye texture will deform in some extreme cases.
I'll try to fix these problems.

Now I won't have access to my computer for a week, so I probably won't be able to fix them if something is broken (hopefully nothing, I did them in one day so I can't be sure about that).
I know the preview is lazy but I didn't have time to make another one, sorry ^^;

Tools used:
Crowbar to decompile the enhanced models
SFM Studiomdl to compile the models, this means they very probably won't work with Gmod
Adobe Photoshop for the custom eye textures using 
Yukitoshii's V3 shading mod template
Adobe After Effects to animate the iris textures via image morphing
VTFEdit to create the texture files
All of you guys as motivation to do this yesterday instead of a lot later in the future. So go on and make great art with these!

Edit2: fixed a problem with the eye posing where the viewTarget position could cause the eyes to go completely derp-mode

Edit1: alright the cornea problem should be fixed, in case it isn't you can still use the fix below. I edited the files on my smartphone, so I don't know if I broke anything else while doing it, let me know if that's the case and I'll revert back to the original files. Sorry for all the edit spam ^^;
Edit: I fucked up a bit. Set $corneabumpstrenght to zero on both eyeballs when using via override materials or by editing the vmt files themselves. I'll fixed that myself next week ^^;

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This might be a dumb question since I'm still new to sfm but is there a way to move the ears on these models?