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Meg - disney

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Megara from Disney's Hercules.

A work for a client. She wanted her to be effect less beauty, like she was in the movie. (technically less effects, so saved ^^)

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Perfect! She is gorgeous!
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Beautiful work! 
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I really like her smile. ^_^
A classic babe I like
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Beautiful work!  I have to admit, Meg is one of my favorite character designs.  And you really captured her sexiness here!  Incredible work!
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Again, as before... I like these ones, so cute Meow :3 Clap 
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Her eyes and hair are phenomenal! The rest is amazing too, but those two caught my attention. I love it!
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Great detail! Your work is beautiful

Man would love to see your work on some female final fantasy characters.  
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How beautiful!! Love Love Love 
OMG MEGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! I love her! Such a cool, snarky, sassy character! And she's absolutely gorgeous in your style. She looks like a real-live person! I would leap into the Soul Pit to save her in a second :).
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"Less beauty" per order, but still one you'd give up Godhood for.
This is the most beautiful picture of Meg that I think I've ever seen.
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Such a beautiful image for a wonderful character thank you so much
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Extremely beautiful artwork of Megara. No wonder, she caught Hercules's attention. A voluptuous beauty, indeed! I love your interpretation of her! Bringing her to life, from the cartoon version. Great use of light, shade and colour. Excellent detail. My only positive criticism. Is that I find the small amount of light on the edge of her nose, slightly distracting. I understand why you might have added it. But, I am not sure, if it would have looked better, if it had climbed more up the bridge of the nose, or whether it would have looked better, without that light on the nose. That is just my opinion though. No offense intended, as I can see, you are a truly talented artist: and I am blown away; by your skill of digital art!
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This is beautiful! Love those eyes! <3
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